5 Top Ye Insurance California for Columbian Drivers

Ye Insurance California is available for all districts in the state, including Columbia. There are so many insurance companies providing affordable insurance products. Some insurance companies offer car insurance for all drivers in the country.

Speaking about car insurance in California, there are various products with different rates. The cheapest one is USD33 per month and USD398 per year. This rate is for a liability insurance policy. If you are more interested in full coverage for Ye Insurance California, the rate starts from USD117 per month.

With that rate, the per year rate becomes USD1,408. Which car insurance policy is available around the country you are about to choose? It is crucial to research and compare some insurance policies in Columbia, California. This way, you’ll find the best one that offers the most reasonable rate.

Best and Affordable Ye Insurance California

The rates of car insurance in California are above the national average rates. But this doesn’t mean drivers in the state cannot find the car insurance that is affordable enough. There are some companies providing cheap car insurance policies with coverage options. Check those companies below.

1. Geico


This company is offering affordable insurance policies for most Californian drivers. Based on BBB (Better Business Bureau), the rating of this Ye Insurance California is A+. The rates offered by Geico are the cheapest in this state for car insurance policies with full and minimum coverage

Geico is also offering various discounts for specific things like having vehicle safety features, keeping a clean driving record, and also getting good grades. Beyond Geico’s standard, clients can also add options such as classic car coverage, rental car reimbursement, and roadside assistance.

This company also offers insurance for mechanical breakdowns, which is similar to the extended warranty. It is going to cover the client’s car if the client is experiencing any part fail because of normal use.

2. Wawanesa

Wawanesa ye insurance california

Another best Ye Insurance California is Wawanesa Insurance. This one is considered the top regional provider for basic coverage. Just like Geico, Wawanesa has an A+ rating from BBB. This company is selling auto insurance in California and Oregon. The scores of this company are above average.

In California, Wawanesa becomes the best insurance company that is offering excellent customer service. This Ye Insurance California is providing various standard types of auto coverage. However, this company doesn’t offer other extras or usage-based applications.

If clients are interested in using basic coverage from the customer-first provider, the best option is Wawanesa Insurance.

3. USAA Insurance


USAA is the best Ye Insurance California for the military since it has low rates. Just like the previous insurance companies, USAA granted an A+ rating from BBB. USAA’s auto insurance policies are available to members of veterans, the military, and also their families.

If you are qualified for this insurance policy, this USAA policy is the smartest choice to consider. This insurance company is offering some car insurance policies with the cheapest rates whether you are looking for full or minimum coverage. USAA also offers discounts for some clients.

Discounts are available for low-mileage drivers, good drivers, good students, and more. This Ye Insurance California company is also offering extra coverage types like car replacement assistance and accident forgiveness.

4. State Farm

State-Farm ye insurance california

State Farm is another recommended Ye Insurance California that has an A+ rating from BBB. This company is offering a great option for teens and students who are looking for a car insurance policy in California. The insurance company is offering a generous discount for students.

The discount reaches 25% and it will last until the driver is turning 25. High-risk drivers like teen drivers can take advantage of a special program offered by the company, called the Steer Clear program. This program is going to help drivers save on auto insurance.

This Ye Insurance California is also offering a telematics app. The helpful application is known as Drive Safe & Save. The app will monitor the driver’s driving habits while adjusting rates according to the habits.

5. Mercury Insurance


Another A+ car insurance company to consider is Mercury Insurance. This one is offering low rates for high-risk drivers in California. You can find this insurance company not only in California but also in ten different states. The insurance company is the cheapest option for many policyholders.

Drivers who have DUI on their record or policyholders who have accidents can take advantage of the cheap Ye Insurance California from Mercury Insurance. If you have trouble getting affordable auto insurance coverage from other companies because of your driving record, consider Mercury.

What makes Mercury Insurance more special is the discounts offered by this company. Mercury Insurance is offering eight discounts and some additional options like mechanical protection coverage.

Cheap Car Insurance for Teens


Many 16-years old drivers who live in California are now looking for the cheapest car insurance companies. In fact, many of those teen drivers pay the highest cost of car insurance in the State of California. However, there are many affordable Ye Insurance California for young drivers in California.

USAA is now offering the cheapest car insurance in California. The policy costs USD3,867 per year which means the driver should only pay USD322 per month on average. Another option is Geico, which offers a policy that costs USD4,413 per year or  USD368 per month. Here are some other options:

  • Mercury Insurance offers a car insurance policy that costs USD4,991 per year or USD416 per month.
  • Progressive Insurance is offering a policy that costs USD5,008 per year or USD417 per month.
  • State Farm Insurance is now offering a car insurance policy that costs USD5,036 per year or USD420 per month.

Those are only some examples of the best companies of Ye Insurance California that are cheap enough for young drivers.

Finding a car insurance company in California is super easy. Unfortunately, many companies of auto insurance are offering a policy that is too pricey or expensive. However, this doesn’t mean drivers in California can never find insurance companies that are offering low rates for all drivers.

Some recommendations of the best Ye Insurance California above will help you find the best car insurance company that is providing policies at a low rate. Find the best one and get the best auto insurance policy while saving for your future.

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