5 Best German Health Insurance for International Students

 Medical care is something that you can’t ignore when you go overseas to study. When you choose German to study, you had better have German health insurance for international students as a shield to protect yourself from the unexpected moment while you are in Germany.

There are some options for insurance companies available in Germany. The providers offer some basic and premium benefits and coverage, so you can get the best treatment when you are sick. Confused to choose one of the best? See some insurance companies below and what they offer to international students.

The Top German Health Insurance for International Students

1. Mawista


Mawista is a company that provides health insurance for international students. The students can register for this German health insurance for international students before they arrive in Germany. So, when they have arrived in the country, the insurance is valid automatically.

The coverage for international students is up to 5 years. This benefit is the most beneficial from Mawista since it is very flexible and perfect for a student who is studying for a bachelor’s degree in Germany. You can register the insurance via email without coming to the Mawista office.

The service of this German health insurance for international students has wide ranges. They provide vaccinations, injuries, and accidents. Mawista has been recognized by the German government, so it is very helpful and easy to claim insurance. There are factors you have to consider before registering such as:

· Age limit

The students who can register for insurance are under 40 years old. It is very helpful for those who are studying for higher education.

· Flexible payment method

They only received payment from debit or credit. It’s automatic, so you won’t forget to pay the premium every month.

· Excess

The excess is a maximum of 250 euros per month to claim.

2. AXA


AXA is popular German health insurance for international students and worldwide. The health insurance from this company has a wide coverage that will help the students get the best treatment in Germany. Even If you are a student, you have the right to get a second opinion and it’s covered.

The package for international students can be tailored according to their needs. The students don’t have to worry that the insurance will be confusing. AXA gives the clients to pick the coverages such as hospitalization, dental treatment, and travel cover.

There are three types of plans for international students such as foundation, standard and comprehensive. They have different levels of coverage, but the basic one or foundation plan has covered the basic health needs except for dental care, chronic conditions, and annual health check.

The benefits of this insurance are:

· Payment

After you claim the insurance, the payment will be paid in 48 hours maximum. The claims should be eligible with valid information.

· Mental health support

Not much German health insurance for international students do support mental health conditions, yet you can claim it from Axa.

· Virtual doctor service

This service is getting popular in Germany and you can enjoy this benefit as well with Axa.

3. Hansemerkur


Hansemerkur is one of the best German health insurance for international students. However, this insurance will work differently for doctoral students. The premium is higher than the premium for preparatory or language students. There are two plans, statutory and private.

The statutory health insurance in this package is the top product in German health insurance for international students with more than 6.3 million members. The health bonus from this package is EU75 annually. The cost is for medical treatment and preventive treatment as well.

The second plan is private health insurance. This insurance is for students up to 35 years old. The package is perfect for international students in Germany to protect them from accidents and immediately get an emergency case. There is no deductible and reimbursement is easy.

4. KKH Germany


KKH is one of the top German health insurance for international students with personalized support for international students. This insurance applies to the student who brings family as well. This company has been around for more than 13 decades and the protection is beneficial.

There are some coverages that the members will get such as vaccinations and early detection of cancer plus its treatment. KKH ensures that international students will be all right under this insurance. They also provide wellness activities such as online coaches and spas.

There are other benefits that you can get from this insurance such as a second opinion from a dentist, retainers, and a bio dentist. This offer is helpful for those who live in Germany and the price is affordable. It is tailored to your needs. Bring family? This German health insurance for international students also covers it.

5. AOK


Another German health insurance for international students is AOK insurance. They provide a good plan for international students with large coverage, such as therapy, dentists, and drugs. The hospital treatment is also covered and without any additional charge. It is helpful and easy for foreigners.

AOK insurance only charge starts from EUR87per month for the basic package. If you want additional service, you can add EUR2-7 per month with selective plans. The student who is eligible for this insurance is only for bachelor, master, and doctoral. The package can be tailored according to your needs.

AOK offers early examination for the members and it will let the members get the best plans after that. The agents will lead you in discussion to find the best package to take. In case you are a working student in Germany, you will have to pay social insurance and your premium will be higher.

German is a country with social insurance for the locals. Those who come to Germany to study should have German health insurance for international students to get the best protection while studying. The insurance companies in Germany have a wide range of coverage and are recognized by the government.

Some German health insurance for international students offers a family package too if you bring your family to Germany while you are studying. The company options above are the best insurance companies in Germany and you can choose or tailor the plan of your health insurance.