Best Health Insurance Hong Kong Expat & Why You Must Have It

As an expat living in Hong Kong, you might find that the healthcare system in Hong Kong is excellent, but it’s very expensive. It’s different with Hong Kong residents who can enjoy the treatment for free. To get those benefits, you can register under health insurance Hong Kong expat.

With health insurance, expat can get the best service of healthcare during staying in Hong Kong. Finding the doctors and hospitals that provide English-speaker service and the best service is easier with insurance. Here are the best insurance companies and why you must have expat health insurance.

The Best Health Insurance Hong Kong Expat

1. William Russel


Insurance from William Russel covers medical care in Hong Kong from primary care to complex surgery. The support also covers some severe illnesses such as cancer and anything that needs strong life support. Treatment such as mental health is also available on their plans.

This company has four types of plans that expats can use, bronze, silver lite, silver and hold. The coverage starts from $1.5 million to $5 million for the annual benefit limit. The plans can apply to individuals and families.

2. Healthcare International


This insurance applies to a British expat who lives in Hong Kong. The best offer from this insurance is private in-patient care that will be available to use in Hong Kong. The plan has many ranges since they differentiate the package to fit the needs.

Healthcare International is very cheap and they have different premiums from Emergency only, Standard, Plus, Premium and Executive. The costs start from $44 up to $218 a month. The insurance also covers transportation to the best healthcare facilities in Hong Kong.

3. Pacific Prime


One of the best health insurance Hong Kong expat is Pacific Prime. This insurance has specific packages that will help expat to pay cheaper according to their need. The company is trusted in Hong Kong since they give a lot of benefits through its specific plan.

The quote from Pacific Prime consists of 3 types of plans, a year, two years, and indefinite. The premium starts from $30 per month and it is very affordable for an expat. If you live in Hong Kong for a very short time, you can fit the shortest plan and it gives the most advantage for you.

4. Axa Hong Kong


Axa is a big health insurance Hong Kong expat and ordinary residents that have been popular worldwide. They give special reimbursements for some medical bills such as treatment, surgeries, and hospitalization. The premium is flexible for the expat and they have many plans.

The protection in Axa Hong Kong has many ranges from critical illness plans, multi-pro illness protection, health vital plan, and major illness plan. The monthly cost is starting from HKD555 and it is very affordable for expatriates.

5. Foyer Global Health


For the expat who needs health insurance Hong Kong expat that can be tailored to specific needs, Foyer Global Health is a great option. The coverage is for individuals and families with multilingual support. It has many types of plans and applies for international health coverage.

The advantage of this insurance is unlimited possibilities for the limit. You have full freedom to decide which doctor you are going to for treatment. The insurance plans cover major dental treatment, hospitalization costs, health check-ups, and maternity care.

6. Cigna

Cigna becomes the most popular health insurance Hong Kong expat because they also cover global health options. Their partners are more than a million worldwide, so it increases the flexibility, especially for the expat who stays in Hong Kong with many business trips overseas.

The coverage of Cigna has many ranges from hospitalization and dental care. Other coverages from Cigna are vision and outpatient coverage too. The pans in Cigna are deductible and tailored according to your needs. It’s very convenient and saves a lot of money for expatriates.

7. Bupa


Bupa is also on the list of health insurance Hong Kong expat with great plan options. The benefits are not only for hospitalization, but also for maternity, dental, clinical, and critical illness. It is very flexible because the packages are completed from individual to family.

The annual cover from Bupa is up to HKD$40 million in Hongkong and several countries. For the family plan, Bupa will cover up to HKD$1 million for ward hospitalization. The benefits such as pre-existing conditions are also fully covered.

Why You Must Have Health Insurance in Hong Kong


1. Getting the best private healthcare

Some foreign people might find it difficult to have the best private medical healthcare if they don’t have healthcare insurance. Getting health insurance Hong Kong expat will protect you from lacking service. The efficiency is higher as well if you have insurance for yourself.

2. Getting the best benefits

The benefits of having health insurance are higher than paying with money. Hong Kong has a lot of hospitals that have international accreditation already. You can claim the benefits to maximize the comforts, luxury services, and benefits with health insurance.

3. Cheaper than paying

Paying the treatment in Hong kong hospitals is very expensive. As an expat, you might compare the service with the country you are from. If you find the service is lower than you expected, you can increase it but pay a very high cost. Having health insurance Hong Kong expat is cheaper.

4. Various packages

For an expat, Hong Kong health insurance companies offer a lot of programs and packages that suit the needs of expats themselves. It is different from a normal one because an expat usually doesn’t have an employment contract that Hong Kong residents have.

The Hong Kong government always makes sure that everyone who lives in Hong Kong gets the best healthcare service, including the expat. They provide excellent treatment for all Hong Kong residents, but an expat should have health insurance to enjoy the benefits.

Some health insurance Hong Kong expat companies are easy to get with benefits in their policies. As an expat, you have to understand all the policies before registering. Most companies will cover the treatment for nearly free with the best care, except for dental service.