5 Top List of German Health Insurance for Foreigners

Since Germany is a country with social insurance for the residents, as foreigners, the only possibility is registering health insurance. This country has several options for German health insurance for foreigners, so they can get the best service for health treatment while living in Germany.

Living in Germany will not be difficult anymore after getting the best health insurance. The period for each plan can be different because it is based on the period of staying. The providers have many plans for individuals, employers, and families as well with options for coverage.

Are you coming to Germany soon and confused about the options available? Check out the best insurance companies below and get the best one for you.

Top List of German Health Insurance for Foreigners

1. IM Global Insurance


The insurance plan from this company consists of three plans. They will be tailored according to your need and your capability as well. IM Global Insurance gives coverage for 24-hour service. There is a long-term and worldwide plan that makes this company one of the best German health insurance for foreigners.

The most popular plan from IM Global is Global Medicine Insurance. The protection is long-term and can be more than a year. It applies to both individuals and families. There is a deductible option starting from $100. The limit they offer is starting from $1 million up to $8 million.

The second plan is Global Mission Medical insurance. The plan is only for missionaries and gives some benefits like deductibles up to $25,000. The plan is long term and the limit is up to $8 million. If you are not a missionary, then you can’t apply this.

The last option in German health insurance for foreigners from this company is Global Crew Medical Insurance. This plan is for those who work as marine captains and crew members. The payment of the premium will be customized. The limit is $8 million and is annually renewable.

2. Barmer


There are more than 8.5 million members under this German healthcare for foreigners. They are specialized in foreigners and their service is top-notch. The claim of insurance in Barmes is easy, quick, and smooth for any issues.

There is only one medical insurance because Barmer will cover the whole issue. They don’t only cover hospital treatment, but also rehabilitation. Even if you are a foreigner, the process will be easy and fast with a Barmer card in your hand.

The benefit of Barmer is dental care. Healthy teeth are covered by Balmer and you don’t have to spend much money on dental care. The members of this German health insurance for foreigners can choose the hospital and doctor they want for the treatment.

Barmer also provides preventive care for the members such as vaccination. The vaccination will be fully reimbursed, especially if you want to travel around Europe. It is 100% covered. Another benefit of this German health insurance for foreigners is a skin check for free.

3. BDAE Insurance


You may register this insurance for living in Germany, but you can use this insurance worldwide. The health protection from this German health insurance for foreigners has wide ranges and is very flexible. They have short-term insurance for expats or foreigners as well.

There are some target groups for foreigners who can apply for insurance, such as self-employed, nursing staff, tutors, and scientists. Freelancers and public authorities. There are three products under this company, basic, premium, and short-term visit insurance.

The basic and premium coverages have more benefits than the short-term plan. Not only medical treatment, but also provide dental treatment, psychotherapy, and maternity. The pharmaceuticals and medicals are fully covered and the claiming process is easy.

The short-term plan is the cheapest because it’s only for foreigners who are staying for less than a year. The coverages are the same with basic and premium, but the clients won’t get visual aids, psychotherapy, and worldwide application.

4. Ottonova


Ottonova is good German health insurance for foreigners. They offer some plans for expat or people who work in Germany with cheap products and give better service. The customer service of Ottonova is English-speaking staff, so foreigners don’t have to worry about language-gap.

The package and benefits from the premium plans will be different since the foreigners have different jobs and risks. The total income will be the biggest factor in how much they have to pay for the premium. Nevertheless, the service is still good with only EUR155-260 per month.

The coverages from Ottonova are dental treatment, chief physician, the freedom to choose a hospital, medication reimbursement, and fully digital service. The coverage is worldwide, so you can use this insurance while you are on a business trip but still staying in Germany.

5. Allianz Care


Allianz is a big company that provides German health insurance for foreigners. It is for individuals and families, so you can get the whole package. The administration has been digital, so it’s helpful to claim the insurance. The process of claiming is less than 48 hours.

There are three plans that you can get from this German health insurance for foreigners. The first is Care Pro, Care Plus, and Care. The packages include many benefits such as medical evacuation, emergency, digital service, and some options such as dental care and maternity plan.

The maximum benefit from Care Pro is up to EUR2,2 million, Care Plus is up to EUR1,1 million and the Care plan is up to EUR500 thousand. Another benefit that you can get is vaccination such as COVID and other vaccinations that are needed to stay in Germany or travel around Europe.

The health insurance plan in Germany is various. The package is unique because it will be tailored according to your needs. The policies mostly are very flexible to support the best protection and treatment for the client. The coverage is wider because it’s mostly for foreigners.

The options of German health insurance for foreigners above help you to lessen the risk of medical treatment and give you other wellness benefits. The programs are approved by the German government as well. Short or long-term, the plan saves the cost of treatment and improves your health.