9 Best Products in FWD Life Insurance Company Bermuda Limited

FWD is an insurance company that has been around the world for years and offers affordable insurance products. FWD life insurance company Bermuda Limited targets young customers who are aware that life insurance is important to protect themselves.

For most demographics, especially in the US, this company is highly competitive for its rate. Since the products are cheap with disability and death coverage, it becomes the highlight of this insurance. Do you want to buy their products? Get to know their best option for you.

FWD Life Insurance Company Bermuda Limited Products and Benefits

1. FWD Wellness Pass


This product is the most popular in the list of FWD life insurance company Bermuda Limited. The coverages relate to wellness and health services. The policies are flexible. You can join this product and get the benefit as an individual or family.

For individuals, the price of this product is only USD$2 per month and for a family is about USD$7 which consists of four members. The plan has a particular period of membership of up to 12 months. You can have an exclusive discount for dentist and psychologist coverage.

2. TravelCare Insurance


Are you a passionate traveler? It is important to have travel insurance, for a business trip or holiday. Travel protection will help you to get a comprehensive service for more convenient trips. The coverages are for personal money, accident, baggage, delay, emergency, and cancellation.

The price of this TravelCare is only USD$35. FWD Life insurance company Bermuda Limited will give coverage up to USD$125,000 for accident cases. Other coverages are sports and activities, baggage loss, and recovery in medical emergencies.

3. Student AccidentCare Insurance


The financial investment for your children is a must-have, especially in their studies. Accidents sometimes inevitably happen. You can protect them with student insurance. The price of this product will be tailored for the student. It started from USD$30 per month.

The benefits and features of this product are financial support of up to USD$100,000 when the accident costs the student of total disability. There is a cash allowance for hospitals up to USD$700 per day. Another plan is an injury accident and the cover is up to USD$1,500 per year.

4. Saving insurance


Another product that is worth buying is saving insurance from FWD Life Insurance Company Bermuda Limited. The name of the plan is RetireFun Deferred Annuity. This is a saving that you can claim after retiring from work. The plan is going to be in cash. The arrangement is flexible according to your income.

After you retire, you will get a steady income. Usually, you can claim it after the age of 51. You also can cash in the insurance after the age of 66. The payment term of this product is very flexible. The annuity period of this insurance is starting from 10-20 years.

5. AccidentCare Plus


This product is one of the best FWD Life Insurance Company Bermuda Limited products to help with some unexpected moments such as accidents and injuries. The help applies globally for 24 hours. The member will get daily cash flow as an allowance if they have an accident.

This product will allow the members to get 100% of the sum in case they are permanently disabled or lose their lives. The recovery after the accident is another case where the member will get about USD$150 per week and it is up to USD$3000 in case the member needs to be hospitalized.

6. Basic Plus


Another great product from FWD Life Insurance Company Bermuda Limited is Basic Plus. It is a locked-saving, but you can withdraw the money in case you face some emergencies. The member will get some cash in return for coverage. This insurance helps you to be consistent in saving.

The savings will adjust themselves with interest rates. This potential is a great bonus if your country faces inflation that is fast-paced. Though the register should be offline, the top-up and withdrawal are online. The features and benefits are tailored to the clients.

7. CANsurance Cancer Protection


You can find this wholesome insurance in the FWD Life Insurance Company Bermuda Limited list. This plan is for those people who are afraid of getting cancer and have to face expensive treatment. The cost of treatment is very high. With this product, you can save some money yet get support.

The coverages are the best with this product. It covers diagnosis, hospitalization, surgery, medication, and monitoring for cancer. The member will get cash under certain conditions. It lets the member get the best treatment without thinking much about the charge.

8. Glorious Fortune


This insurance is unique. The offering is protecting the clients with potential wealth accumulation. If you get older and it has less risk of death, then you will have some sum for the family to leave. It is a kind of death benefit for the family.

This FWD Life Insurance Company Bermuda Limited product lets you get some cash up to 100% with the sum you have given. Later, the insurance will be one of the bonuses you can pass for your family. Some businesses have used this because the policies are flexible.

9. Ever Care Accident Protection


Some accidents may invite accidental setbacks. It affects you and the family, so you have to prepare this with insurance. FWD Life Insurance Company Bermuda Limited provides insurance with broad coverage from scar, hospital allowance, and medical expenses.

The cover will increase by 5% annually, so it is the best benefit for this company to offer. The cover for intensive care is available in some specific regions in the US. You will get help from global assistance and they will be ready to give the service wherever you are.

The cost of the product of FWD Insurance is very affordable even for a family package. Mostly, it is less than USD$10 and it gives a wider range of protection. Some products offer dental care and psychologist coverage that are usually not available in other companies.

FWD life insurance company Bermuda Limited is available worldwide and the claim is very easy. The only thing to consider is that FWD is not available online. To get their products and understand the policies, you can meet their agents and get a detailed explanation from them.