Best Place for Car Insurance Quotes and Other Things You Should Know

Looking for the best place for car insurance quotes? When buying a car insurance policy, you want to buy the one that’s worth the money. It is not an easy process, however. Among the first things you want to get are insurance quotes.

An insurance quote is an estimated cost that an insurer provides for an insurance policy. If you have an insurance quote for an insurance policy, you will have an idea of the cost of buying that policy. The more insurance quotes you have, the better.

If you have more insurance quotes, you can compare not just prices but also coverage options. The question is, where do you get insurance quotes in the first place? We can help you with that. In this post, we tell you the best place for car insurance quotes comparison and more.

How to Get Free Car Insurance Quotes: Best Place for Car Insurance Quotes


There are two ways to get car insurance quotes. The first is online. Visit car insurance companies’ websites that offer free insurance quotes online. You can also visit websites that provide insurance quotes from car insurance companies.

The second one is by phone or in person. Speak with or visit a car insurance agent who can help you find car insurance options and get you insurance quotes.

Note that there are two types of car insurance agents: captive and independent. A captive agent works for a car insurance company. As such, they will give you a quote only from that company.

An independent agent works differently. They sell policies from multiple insurance companies. As a result, they can give you quotes from different insurance companies.

Which one is the best place for car insurance quotes? That depends on your needs, of course. Each place has its advantages.

Online is the best place for car insurance quotes if you want to do it quickly. Likewise, if you have specific conditions that may affect your insurance quotes, by phone or in person will be a good option.

Information You Will Need to Get Car Insurance Quotes


Before you go to the best place for car insurance quotes, make sure you have the following information ready:

1. Driver’s license

If you have other drivers in your household, you will need to prepare their driver’s license information.

2. Vehicle identification number (VIN)

You can find your vehicle’s VIN on the driver’s side dashboard or the driver’s side door. In case you haven’t purchased the vehicle yet but have already decided on what you will buy, ask the seller for the VIN. If you haven’t decided yet, you can still get a quote with a vehicle brand and model.

3. Mileage

If you own the vehicle, take note of the odometer reading.

4. How much coverage you want

Before looking for the best place for car insurance quotes, you need to determine what type of coverage and how much coverage you want. If you are still unsure, speaking with an insurance agent may help you figure it out.

Once you have the information above ready, you can go to the best place for car insurance quotes. The car insurance company will gather other necessary information about you, such as your driving history, past car insurance claims, as well as your credit.

Best Insurance Companies Sites

When it comes to the best place for insurance quotes online, you have a lot of options.

1. The Zebra


The Zebra is the best place for car insurance quotes if you want to get personalized quotes from over 100 car insurance providers. The Zebra also has an in-house insurance agency that will guide you through the process to get coverage from the best insurers.

2. Insurify


If you want to get personalized insurance quotes in five minutes or less, Insurify is the best place for car insurance quotes. You can compare personalized quotes, get various discounts you qualify for in a single place, and buy the policy online or by phone.

3. is the best place for car insurance quotes if you want to get multiple quotes all at once. Plus, the website is clean, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. You just need to submit your ZIP code and the website will take you to the quote comparison tool.

4. Nerdwallet


There is also NerdWallet. What makes NerdWallet the best place for car insurance quotes is how it provides comprehensive lists of rates based on various factors, including age (20-year-old, 35-year-old, senior) credit (both good and poor), driving history (clean, DUI, and accident) and others.

You get to see the rates in each state, too. Not to mention you can check out NerdWallet’s methodology, too.

Is It Bad to Get Multiple Insurance Quotes?


Alright, so now you know the best place for car insurance quotes and how to compare insurance quotes. But, you are wondering if it is bad to get multiple car insurance quotes. The answer is a clear no.

In most states, insurance companies use credit as a rating factor. That is true. But getting multiple quotes does not have any effect on your credit score.

When putting together car insurance quotes for you, insurers only run a soft pull on your credit. Your credit score will not effected. No need to worry. Make the most of the best place for car insurance quotes that we have told you about.

Get multiple quotes so that you can get the best insurance rate. Note that this will take time, but it is certainly worth it. After all, car insurance is meant to protect you and your assets. You want to get the best.

Having car insurance quotes will be helpful. The more insurance quotes you have at your disposal, the better informed you will be about prices and coverage options. Having insurance quotes allow you to make a comparison, too.

Now that you know the best place for car insurance quotes, finding the right car insurance policy should be much easier. Make sure to take your time. Don’t buy the first policy you find. Rather, you want to do your due diligence so you can get the best policy you can get. We hope this helps.