3 Best Companies of Personal Accident Insurance Malaysia

Nobody knows what may happen in the future. That’s why everyone needs to consider getting personal accident insurance Malaysia. There are many things we cannot predict and control, including accidents. Unexpected injuries or accidents can change someone’s life.

You may have done many things to avoid accidents, but preparation is always important. Preparing yourself and your family financially will help everyone ready when unexpected things happen. PA insurance or personal accident insurance Malaysia will provide compensation for various events.

The compensation will be provided in the event of death, disabilities, and injuries caused by accidents. The policyholder is going to receive a lump sum payment with free tax if the policyholder dies or experiences critical injury in an accident. Now, you need to know which insurance companies are the best.

Highly Recommended Personal Accident Insurance Malaysia

There are dozens of insurance companies in Malaysia offering different personal accident insurance policies. They all have different prices, coverage options, and some other details. You need to compare every single insurance company in order to find the right one. Below are some options to consider.

1. Etiqa Takaful Malaysia


Etiqa Takaful is one of the best overall insurance companies in Malaysia. This company is now providing various plans of personalized accident insurance for every citizen of the country. The company is now offering PA insurance in several different types.

Some examples of PA insurance products offered by the company include Takaful Buddy PA Insurance, Buddy PA Insurance, Car Accident Special Protection Insurance, and RideCare PA Insurance. Malaysian citizen who wants to get a quote can access the offer on the official website of the company.

When accessing the website, you need to select the policy type, provide the residence state, and confirm that your age is older than 18 years and younger than 64 years. Citizens of Malaysia can also call the company’s national hotline to discuss personal accident insurance Malaysia.

2. AIG


Another personal accident insurance Malaysia is American International Group or AIG. This company is offering a PA insurance policy with the lowest monthly premiums compared to the other companies in Malaysia. If you are looking for the most affordable one, consider AIG’s policy.

AIG has provided various insurance services since 1919 and in more than 80 countries across the globe, including Malaysia. This company has a program called MyGuardian PA Online. This program allows you to get a quote simply by choosing a family or individual plan on the company’s website.

The AIG allows you to get PA protection only for RM76 or USD16.13 per year. This cheapest policy will offer 100-year coverage. There are so many benefits you will get by choosing the policy from this company. One of them is the daily hospitalization income and medical expenses.

3. Great Eastern Insurance


Consider choosing personal accident insurance Malaysia from Great Eastern Insurance if you are looking for a more accessible insurance policy. The company is providing excellent customer support and service delivery. When a client files a claim, the company will assign a representative.

The representative is going to ensure that the claiming process runs smoothly. Clients of this company of personal accident insurance Malaysia can choose from personal and diverse plans. The plans will protect the clients’ families and safeguard what is most valuable for the clients.

PA programs and coverage come in various types, including the Easi Protector, Easi Shield, MOS Shield, Lady Protector, Platinum PA, GreatShield Active, and so on. The company is now offering policies clients can access online to ease all Malaysian in getting their policy.

Choosing PA Insurance Malaysia


PA Insurance policy is another type of annual policy that all clients can sign up to insure themselves and/or their families. This insurance against any events because of accidental circumstances. Before choosing the right PA insurance policy, you need to learn more about this insurance policy.

1. How does it work

Personal accident insurance Malaysia works like many other insurance policies. A client should sign up for a policy with a specific benefits scale and coverage scope. And then he needs to pay the annual premium to enjoy the coverage and benefits he has chosen.

If an accident happens and causes death, disability, or injury, personal accident insurance Malaysia will compensate the client and/or the client’s family. The company will give a sum of money, according to the coverage scope and benefits scale in the PA insurance policy.

2. What does it cover

Different policies of personal accident insurance Malaysia are offering different benefits scales and coverage scopes. Usually, the standard coverage types provided by any PA insurance policy are including funeral expenses, hospitalization benefits, and corrective surgery.

Some other standard coverages are medical expenses, temporary partial or total disablement, permanent disablement, and also accidental death. However, you need to check every company of personal accident insurance Malaysia to see what coverage it offers to all clients.

3. How to choose the right one

Different people will have different requirements for insurance policies. You need to compare before getting any policy from any company. One best way to compare the policies is by checking the benefits scale. It is the amount of compensation you will get under various different circumstances.

You can also compare the coverage scope of each policy from a different company. The coverage is the items range for which the insurance will cover and also the exclusions under the policy. Researching the best personal accident insurance Malaysia may take time but is necessary to find the right one.

Before signing up for any PA insurance policy, there are two things you need to learn first. First of all, check out some best and recommended PA insurance companies in Malaysia. This way, you’ll know which one meets your needs and will be able to choose the right one.

And second, you also need to learn about the PA insurance policy itself, like how the policy work, what the policy cover, and how you can find the best personal accident insurance Malaysia. All details you want to know are available above.

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