5 Recommendations for Medical Indemnity Insurance Malaysia

Since 2021, medical indemnity insurance Malaysia is a requirement for all doctors located in Malaysia. Every single doctor needs to renew their practicing certificate annually. This professional indemnity insurance is protecting the insured against damages or loss from professional practice.

Since it is a compulsory requirement, every single medical professional in Malaysia needs to know many things about insurance to get the best one. If this is the first time you get your indemnity insurance, you need some recommendations about the best insurance.

On this page, you are going to find some details about medical indemnity insurance Malaysia and some recommendations that will help professionals to choose the right indemnity insurance from a trustworthy insurance provider.

Best Medical Indemnity Insurance Malaysia

Since the government announced that doctors in Malaysia need to get indemnity insurance, many insurance providers are now providing a bunch of offerings. Too many options may make you feel confused and have no idea which one is the right choice. Here are some recommendations.

1. Medical Protection Society

Medical-Protection-Society medical indemnity insurance

MPS is a special organization since it is a non-profit organization that has a dedication to protecting its members; professional interests. This organization boasts at least 300,000 strong memberships across the world. It also has an expert legal team and a strong support network.

The team and network are available to help with medicolegal issues the members of this medical indemnity insurance Malaysia must face. What makes MPS different is that the organization isn’t an insurance company. Technically, you will not buy any insurance product from MPS.

You will pay for an MPS membership. This is going to entitle you to the organization’s discretionary benefits as ruled in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of MPS. This membership will entitle you to request indemnity for claims that come from clinical practice and some other rights.

2. Doctor Shield


Another medical indemnity insurance Malaysia to consider is Doctor Shield. Even though it is still new in the scene, the company is quite innovative in offering a completely online platform for professionals in Malaysia. JA Assure is the insurance tech firm that is offering Doctor Shield.

JA Assure is not alone. This company is in partnership with one of the biggest insurers in the world, Chubb. As a company of medical indemnity insurance Malaysia, Doctor Shield is offering some key features including unlimited retroactive date and public relations costs.

Some other key features offered by Doctor Shield include loss and expenses that come from medical negligence claims, free run-off cover, and legal representation costs if the doctors have to face a disciplinary inquiry. Doctor Shield also offers many other unique benefits for clients.

3. JLT-Medefend


Jardine Lloyd Thompson is providing a medical indemnity insurance Malaysia called Medefend. This insurance is offered by Pacific and Orient Berhad. The company claims to have experience of at least 15 years in managing Malaysia professional indemnity insurance.

MMA or the Malaysian Medical Association is endorsing this company of medical indemnity insurance Malaysia for doctors. Medefend is providing some basic features like full retroactive cover, public relations and counseling costs, and also loss and expenses from medical negligence claims.

Moreover, JLT-Medefend is also providing some other extra benefits, such as Good Samaritan Act that is covering worldwide, excluding countries under sanctions and Iran. Clients will also get other benefits like risk management resources like bulletins, workshops, and seminars.

4. Aon-MMI


The next option of medical indemnity insurance Malaysia is MMI or Malaysian Medical Indemnity. This option is offered by an insurance broker in Malaysia called Aon. This company is now operating for at least 15 years. The experience makes many doctors trusts this company and its insurance product.

What makes MMI much more interesting is that some insurer panels like Tokio Marine, RHB, and others are supporting this company. Also, MPI Generali is insuring this scheme. MMI offers some unique benefits like coverage against slander and libel and also Worldwide Good Samaritan act coverage.

Those who choose medical indemnity insurance Malaysia will get a 2.5% no-claim bonus discount. This is a discount on the insurance premium rate if the client doesn’t have any claim in 3 consecutive years in the same category.

5. Zurich

Zurich medical indemnity insurance

Another option for medical indemnity insurance Malaysia for medical professionals is Zurich insurance. This established insurance company is providing medical indemnity insurance for pharmacists, dentists, and doctors.

Unfortunately, unlike the other policies, the details of this insurance product are limited. If you love getting online information, you may figure out it is harder to find details about Zurich indemnity insurance online.

To get the details about the insurance product, you can request for quotation by submitting your request online. Then Zurich will send you the detailed information.

Just like some other previous insurance policies, medical indemnity insurance Malaysia also offers some key features. The first one is a full retroactive cover. And the second one is assistance and advice with representation at Dental Council or Medical Council or Pharmaceutical Board disciplinary hearings.

Applying Medical Indemnity Insurance Malaysia


When you try choosing the best provider for medical indemnity, it is crucial to consider your individual requirements. Different providers usually have some general features to the services they offer. But some features may not be appropriate for your needs.

For example, some companies may not have services for many doctors who work in private practice. Some other companies may provide products only for general practice. To apply for the right one, list your demographic information like your medical qualification place, and disabilities.

Since the Malaysian government is now requiring all medical professionals to have indemnity insurance, many insurance companies are trying to offer their best plans and products. But now all products may be appropriate for your needs. Choose only the right product from the insurance company in Malaysia.

There are at least five best companies offering medical indemnity insurance Malaysia. You need to compare those companies and check their benefits, coverages, and key features. Make sure that the company you finally choose matches your qualification. Then, you can apply for it online.

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