5 Life Insurance Quotes from Different Companies in Malaysia

For many people, the greatest fear is leaving their beloved family in debt because of sudden death. Some other people are afraid of accident that makes them disabled. If you have the same fear, consider and compare some different life insurance quotes available in your country.

If you are a Malaysian citizen, make sure that you research some insurance companies in the country and compare the insurance quotes they offer. There are many options available for the best term life insurance, especially in Malaysia.

Those who want to get the best life insurance quotes but still have no idea which one is the best need to learn about how to start choosing the best one. Below, you will see several insurance recommendations to consider. Learn about each recommendation before choosing one.

Various Best Life Insurance Quotes in Malaysia

Each insurance company that is offering different quotes and policies is trying to provide the best products. Each product of those insurance companies has pluses and minuses. You need to learn about each product from every insurance company and get the best policy.

1. Ezy-Life Secure Insurance


The first best insurance company that is offering recommended life insurance quotes is Ezy-Life Secure Insurance. This company is known for its easy process and affordable rates. Those who are looking for simple, straightforward, and affordable life insurance need to consider this one.

Though the company is offering an economical product, the insurance product has competitive permanent and total disability or death benefits. The life insurance product is also flexible so that it can suit the needs of all clients. The younger client starts with this insurance, the cheaper the premium will be.

But clients can also choose various tenure options for the plan, starting from 5 years until before the 80th birthday. Clients can also pay their premiums yearly or monthly. Those aged between 16 and 60 can apply for these Malaysian life insurance quotes with no medical examination.

2. Great Term Direct


Another excellent life insurance quotes to consider are Great Term Direct. People like it for its bereavement benefit. The affordable premiums will protect you until you reach the age of 80. With this insurance policy, you can save your precious ones from the hassle of obtaining insurance money.

The ones left by the policyholder will receive USD1063.38 or RM5,000 of the basic sum. The company will assure the money right after the client’s death so that the client’s family can get help with the expenses. The basic sum balance assured must follow soon after.

This Malaysian best-term life insurance is also covering the financial security of the policyholder’s family in case of disability. If the permanent and total disability happens before the client reaches age 65, the company will assure the entire basic sum to the client.

3. PRUTerm


The next of many life insurance quotes is PRUTerm that is offering the best short-term life insurance. This life insurance company is providing death coverage and permanent and total disability coverage before the client’s anniversary reaches 60 years old or before the policy expires.

For this Malaysian best life insurance, you can pay the premium throughout various coverage terms such as 5 years coverage terms or from 10 years to 70 years minus the issue age. The client’s family or the client himself will get a guarantee to get at least RM10,000 or USD2126.76 sum.

Clients of PRUTerm can also customize the life insurance quotes according to their needs. Clients can even purchase other coverages like an accident, medical, illness, and critical coverages to go with the main coverage. Is this going to be your choice?

4. ManuTerm


Another company offering the best life insurance quotes is ManuTerm that is offering easy conversion or renewal. ManuTerm is offering insurance that is covering permanent and total disability and death at premium rates that are more competitive.

The company is not only offering basic coverages. Clients can also get accidental benefits, income benefits, and also critical illness benefits by going with the life insurance quotes they choose. The more special thing about ManuTerm’s life insurance is the option to renew the plan.

Clients of this life insurance company can renew their plan or even convert the plant to a permanent plan from the company, Manulife. You can renew or convert the plan without attaching any insurability evidence. The easy process makes all clients of Manulife happy.

5. eLife Protector+


Many Malaysians love life insurance quotes from eLife Protector+ because of its generous lump sum. If you want to get term life insurance online but free from hassle, the eLife Protector+ from AXA will be the best option to consider.

Compare life insurance quotes offered by the company and you will see what makes this product better than others. With this life insurance policy, your precious family will get a lump sum up to RM500,000 or USD106,337.75 upon permanent and total disability or death before age 70.

In case of death because of the accident, the life insurance quotes will increase the lump sum up to 100% to a maximum of RM2,000,000 or USD425,351 per person. What’s better is this life insurance company will automatically renew the policy every year up to age 75.

However, the renewal will automatically happen if the client is paying all premiums on time. This life insurance policy has many impressive benefits. Even so, it doesn’t require any medical examination. You only need to answer four different questions online.

Choose The Best Life Insurance Quotes in Malaysia


Every single company of term life insurance in Malaysia is offering different advantages. To find the right policy that matches your needs, comparing each policy from every single life insurance company is crucial thing to do. The five recommendations above will definitely help you make the best choice.

The five companies of term life insurance above have different advantages. You need to know the advantages of each company. And then you need to check the rates you need to pay every year or every month. This way, you’ll know which one of the life insurance quotes is the right one for you.

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