3 Products of CICA Life Insurance Company of America

CICA Life Insurance Company of America is an insurance company that is offering various life insurance products. Those insurance products will provide financial security and peace of mind. The objective of this insurance company is to help customers grow their wealth.

This way, customers can build a financial future that is more secure and they will be ready to face and handle all unexpected events. The company’s products allow customers to build their wealth through money accumulation that is more systematic along with interest-earning insurance policies.

With those policies, CICA Life Insurance Company of America allows customers to earn interest, and develop guaranteed cash values, and long-term savings. The insurance products of this insurance company will also offer some financial benefits such as lifetime income and savings protection.

Various Benefits of CICA Life Insurance Company of America


The products of this insurance company are offering distinctive advantages. Those advantages make this company different from other companies. Many advantages that the customers can figure out when choosing this insurance company include supplement retirement income and USD policy.

Customers will also get some other advantages including lifetime income and lifetime benefits, savings protection for death and life, conservative and guaranteed returns, and also conservative investments in the US.

With those advantages, CICA Life Insurance Company of America is trying to give the best products to all customers in Argentina and all around the US. However, before purchasing an insurance policy from this company, customers must first check more details about the products they offer.

Best Products of CICA Life Insurance Company of America


This insurance company claims that they have fifty years of experience in providing insurance products. The goal is to provide various living benefits for all clients. The goal of each insurance product is to help the company’s clients achieve peace of mind and independence.

The plans of CICA Life Insurance Company of America offer various benefits that allow customers to protect and build part of their wealth through the policy of life insurance that builds up capital and earns guaranteed cash values clients can use as long-term savings and supplement for retirement.

Plus, CICA Life Insurance Company of America also provides several financial benefits for the loved ones of the clients in the event of any premature death. The company has multiple products that will meet the customers’ needs in a wide range. Find more details about CICA Life products below.

1. The Longevity

The first product series offered by this insurance company is the Longevity product series. This is a super unique financial product. The insurance product is combining the client’s family protection in the event of the client’s death and the component of savings guarantee protection plus dividends.

The combination is generating a long-term bonus with a bigger accumulation above the cash values in the policy or insurance contract.

2. The Abundance

Another product series provided by CICA Life Insurance Company of America is the Abundance product series. The Abundance is a name for the life insurance policy for people at age 65 years. This insurance policy includes retirement and achieves dividends.

3. The Freedom

The last product offered by CICA Life Insurance Company of America is the Freedom product series. This one is a powerful solution for those interested in planning for their financial futures. The Freedom product series offers the most interesting living-benefit portfolios for life insurance products.

Learn more about each product offered by CICA Life Insurance Company of America. Contact customer service to get all details you want to know about any product you desire. They would love to let you know everything about the contract before purchasing the insurance policy.

The Company of CICA Life Insurance


Citizens, Inc. is the owner of CICA Life Insurance Company of America. The office location of this insurance holding company is in Colorado. The company is now serving life insurance needed by individuals in the US since 1969. Then the company started serving internationally in 1975.

This company is an insurance company that is now serving clients since 2002 on the New York Stock Exchange. Through the insurance subsidiaries of the company, Citizens, Inc. is pursuing a strategy to offer various insurance products. The company offers several insurance operations including:

1. Life Insurance Segment

The first insurance operation from Citizens, Inc. is life insurance in USD. The life insurance policies from this company, like the CICA life insurance policy, are for foreign residents, especially those who live in the Pacific Rim and Latin America.

2. Home Service Insurance Segment

The company is providing final expense and also limited liability property policies for lower and middle-income households in various states like Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The company is selling insurance policies through independent agents and employees.

Citizens operate through CICA Life Insurance Company of America as its insurance subsidiary. The other insurance subsidiaries of Citizens include CICA Life Ltd. and Citizens National Life Insurance Company. They are the life insurance segment of the company.

And for the home service insurance segment, Citizens has SPLIC or Security Plan Life Insurance Company, Magnolia Guaranty Life Insurance Company, and Security Plan Fire Insurance Company.

Brother of CICA Life Insurance Company of America


Citizens National Life Insurance Company is another insurance subsidiary of Citizens. In 2004, CICA Life Insurance Company of America acquired Citizens National.

In today’s marketplace, this insurance company is willing to provide protection at a new level for clients and their families. The life insurance policies offered by the company are competitive and provide the confidence and financial strength everyone needs to enjoy their life with peace of mind.

The broad experience of the company in the Latin American market makes this company the best choice for valued Latino clients. This company keeps providing exclusive services in various languages including Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

CICA Life Insurance Company of America gains positive reviews from many people. Three major products offered by the company are excellent choices for many people in the US and other countries. Learn more about each product before getting your own insurance policy.

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