Hippo: The Best Online Tool to Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

Looking for cheap car insurance quotes can be challenging yet crucial when you want to save money on this type of insurance. In which country you live, car insurance is vital to give you peace of mind when accidents happen on the roads. However, there is over 50 percent of uninsured vehicles in South Africa.

You may experience theft, accident, or breakdown even if you never expect it. It can be a big deal to afford the costs when your vehicles require repair or replacement. Otherwise, you may include any accident that needs to pay for other people’s vehicles. Having car insurance helps you to deal with the costs.

Hippo Car Insurance


Car insurance quotes comparison allows you to save more when insuring your vehicles. Hippo is an easy and free online comparison tool to help you compare various car insurance companies in South Africa. You can get the best deal on car insurance in this country based on your specific needs and budget.

Whether you look for new insurance coverage or want to check if there is still the best coverage fit for your specific requirements, Hippo makes it available. You can discover numerous cheap car insurance quotes to compare and select. All come from top insurance companies in South Africa so they are credible.

Aside from saving money, there are several reasons why people in South Africa use Hippo to find cheap car insurance quotes. You can take a look at the following reasons and consider them before choosing a comparison tool to get the car insured in this country.


There are no hidden fees in this online comparison tool, not at all. You can use Hippo to get cheap car insurance quotes for free. It will look after users’ personal information and keep it confidential to protect their privacy. It makes Hippo one of the most trusted tools to use for car insurance.


It provides unbiased results for the users. You only need to type the required information in the search box and this tool will give you the results. It will rank the cheap car insurance quotes based on the price. Hence, the choice of deciding which insurance company to rely on your needs is primarily yours.

Quick and easy

It offers an easy experience for users to view car insurance prices and provides quick use of the tool through a few steps. Getting cheap car insurance quotes only takes a few minutes. You can simply visit the product category where you want to see the quotes for example “car insurance”.

Then, you need to fill in the form details and continue the step by clicking on the “Get Quotes” option. You must follow the next step if necessary. The search results will come based on the ranks of the prices. You can review and consider the prices, product features, and potential insurance brands to contact.

After getting some potentialcheap car insurance quotes, you can compare them for the best one. If you have known the choice, you can click on the “I’m interested” option.

A representative from the selected brand will contact you immediately to confirm the details and arrange the cover if you agree with the requirements.

How Hippo Work and Save Your Money


As stated before, you can find cheap car insurance quotes in Hippo for free. It makes people wonder about how Hippo makes money if users do not pay them for the services. This online tool gets money by charging the partner brands advertising fee as they appear on the Hippo website.

How much the brand can pay will affect its rank in search results on the website. The results of insurance quotes emerge according to the best price first, the second price, and so on. Almost 90 percent of users can save money when using Hippo to compare cheap car insurance quotes available in South Africa.

Independent research showed that people who use Hippo to compare and find the best insurance quotes can save up to R329 per month. How much money you can save from this online tool depends on the insurance product you try to find and your specific circumstances related to car insurance needs.

What Brands and Products to Compare in Hippo?


Aside from comparing cheap car insurance quotes, Hippo enables you to compare many brands in South Africa. These brands are Hippo’s partners that include foremost insurance companies, finances, and other business categories. You can simply take a look at these partners on the Hippo website.

Hippo also allows you to compare numerous personal finance and other products easily. You can make comparisons among home content insurance, life insurance, cheap flights, and many more. Hippo has the most coverage areas when it comes to insurance including how to findcheap car insurance quotes.

Comparing car insurance is also another specialty offered by Hippo. Car insurance is a big issue in this country now so the government insists its citizens get this insurance. Hippo comes to help people who need the best coverage for their vehicles by allowing them to compare cheap car insurance quotes.

What Circumstances Allow You to Get Car Insurance Covers?


Car insurance in South Africa will cover you if you belong to several circumstances. First, it will cover you if your car injures other people or cause some damage to their property. Second, it will cover you if you are the one who is responsible for the accident happen. That cover belongs to comprehensive car insurance.

However, if your car is damaged or stolen during fire or hijacking, the coverage is from third-party fire and theft insurance. Hippo will help you to know the differences among available car insurance options. Moreover, it will help you to get the most suitable covers with cheap car insurance quotes.

Besides, you can get a complete guide from the Hippo website about car brands and manufacturers in South Africa. It helps you to rent, buy, or insure your dream car.

Comparing cheap car insurance quotes through Hippo enables you to get the best insurance coverage for vehicles based on your needs and conditions. It can guarantee credibility as the covers come from leading insurance companies in South Africa.

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