6 Timeless Traditional Bathroom Ideas

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What does it mean to have a traditional bathroom? It means that you honor and appreciate the beauty of time up to the point where you feel like it needs to be a part of your living space. The best thing about anything traditional is that it is unique, it has value, and most importantly, it gets more precious over time. And some people love to keep that.

Having a traditional-styled space is not outdated, tacky, or any of that. If anything, prove them wrong by showing them how a traditional styled space is actually timeless. There are hundreds upon thousands of bathroom ideas, and here, we are elaborating six timeless traditional bathroom ideas for you, old soul.

Traditional Bathroom Ideas

Traditional Bathroom Ideas


Place a tub just beside the window. Not just any window, an arched one, a giant arched window. It must be tall, it must be wide, and you are guaranteed to experience a traditional vibe. It is best if the window is lined both vertically and horizontally by tiny small lines.

This is best applied when you own a high ceiling bathroom. The long walls will provide a much convenient opening for the windows and the right fit for timeless traditional bathroom decor.

Pair it with a zig-zag black and white tiles, and you are basically done. For more drama, you can always add a trio candle with a hold that is perfected with gold coating. Super traditional and extra classy.

French-Inspired Bathroom

French-Inspired Bathroom


What is more traditional and timeless looking than a French-inspired bathroom? French and its knick-knacks always have a way to spice things up, especially when it comes to design. French is known for their architecture in the 70s; their architecture ranks high among their many accomplishments. So, it is safe to say that a French-inspired bathroom is definitely one that is traditionally timeless.

One trademark of the French bathroom is its cabinet style. It generally incorporates crown molding ornate and cutouts, making it antique. The ornaments have its way to creep up into our bone and deliver a clear message of traditional style.

Polka dot Floor Tiles

Polka dot Floor Tiles


It is seen in many movies, yes, the polka dot floor tiles. This looks super classic and traditionally expensive. Some would also state that it looks a little psychedelic. However, this is the choice that you apply to your white bathroom; this tile perfects it with ease.

With accentuating the tiles, you do not have to work hard on styling the rest. The tiles state it all. Remember only to put colors that will compliment them, and they are green and brown.

Courtyard Appeal with an Antique Chandelier

Courtyard Appeal with an Antique Chandelier


Talk about a timeless piece. With an antique chandelier hanging in the middle of your bathroom, the rest is a mere ornament. This is the grand decoration, the ultimate embellishment of your traditional bathroom.

Let it hang in the middle and if possible, choose a big one, a giant one. Make it a focal point of the bathroom. An antique crystal antique chandelier. Add gold and yellow to your bathroom for the maximum perfection.

With that antique chandelier being the center of your traditional bathroom focal-point, it is guaranteed to make you feel as if you are living in old ages whenever you walk into your bathroom. Have a taste of taking a bath while also time travel.

Go Crisp White and Add A Rustic Cabinet for Accent

Go Crisp White and Add A Rustic Cabinet for Accent


This style is applied in many houses. I don’t see why not. It definitely is timeless and traditional. All you have to do is go white; a broken white is preferred and add a rustic cabinet somewhere in the bathroom for an accent.

This does not require a big bathroom; a limited space bathroom could perfectly do it. The broken white, giving a crisp look is also a match with a rustic vibe. They complement one another beautifully.

Dark Brown, White, and a Crystal Light

Dark Brown, White, and a Crystal Light


When it comes to a traditional taste, brown has its way of representing it beautifully. Mix this trio in your bathroom and thank me later for the outcome. Color the walls with half white and half brown, remember dark brown. And up until that point, you will feel a majestic difference in your bathroom, a traditional feel that is not found in many other bathrooms.

And to finish it off, hang a crystal light. Choose a medium sized crystal light for taste. Do not try or force the crystal light to steal the show because it has been done by the mix of the color white and dark brown.

Lastly, a little greenery is your friend. Add a few pots of succulent to your sink countertops and feel the vibe and terror.

Dreaming of living a life that is timeless is no longer a dream. You can always start somewhere. Try starting from a tiny part of your living space, your bathroom. Enjoy the vehemence of a timeless traditional bathroom.


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