The Best and Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in Canada

Canada is a country where people use cars for mobile activities. The drivers usually get car insurance to protect the car from damage. If you are interested in choosing the best company, check the top 10 car insurance companies in Canada below to find the perfect product for your car.

The Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in Canada

1. South Easthope Insurance


This company is one of the top 10 car insurance companies in Canada because many people trust this provider. They offer auto insurance with affordable prices and many products. So, you can choose the specific insurance for the car.

The availability of coverage limit is emergency roadside service, a high $ for the accident case, the protection for a better driving record, and transportation replacement. They also have specializations for cars which are in the category of rental vehicles and recreational vehicles.

2. SGI Canada


SGI Canada is on the list of the top 10 car insurance companies in Canada. They offer some optional coverages that will be very specific. Later, you can choose the best one for the car according to your needs. For example, a conviction protector will reduce the premium because of minor convictions.

They also have comprehensive and collision insurance in the list of coverage types. If you have a new car, it offers depreciation coverage. This is the best offer since a new car is vulnerable, especially if the driver is a beginner.

3. Echelon Insurance


Automobile insurance is one of the options in Echelon insurance. The company provides insurance for drivers who have poor driving records. When insurance always gets rejected by other companies because of this factor, Echelon does the opposite.

They also provide a lower cost of the premium and it is available for all provinces in Canada. This is one of the best and top 10 car insurance companies in Canada because the coverage is high with low-cost options.

4. Aviva Canada


Aviva Canada has the longest history in Canada as one of the top top 10 car insurance companies in Canada. There are 2.8 million customers and they have car insurance. The best offer they have is new car guarantee coverage.

Aviva Canada is the best one if your car is a ride-sharing one like Uber. They have special packages to protect against collisions and comprehensive coverage. If you want eco-friendly coverage for the car, it’s available in the list of their products. Aviva is flexible and the product is specific.

5. Unica Insurance


Unica has some products for auto insurance and one of them is car insurance. The protection is comprehensive and reliable with the lower cost of premiums. They will tailor the type of insurance according to the value, age, driving habit, and other factors that will influence the premium.

They have several benefits and features under car insurance products such as collision, rental cars, and clean up for the pollution of the vehicle. The coverage is not only for the car for personal use but also a business. They even provide insurance for braking systems and oil changes.

6. Onlia insurance


Though this company is new in Canada, Onlia is very competitive to provide car insurance. They are easy to afford because if you register today, the next day you can enjoy the insurance already. This is why Onlia is in the top 10 car insurance companies in Canada.

Onlia also provides its clients with mitigation steps to reduce the risk of getting into an accident on the road. The clients mostly feel satisfied with this program. If you have good behavior on the road, you have rewards and cashback to use for the next payment of the premium.

7. Economical Insurance


This company is so popular in Canada that 1 million Canadians use this provider. The insurance has wide ranges, especially for comprehensive coverage. It is not only a disaster, they also cover for first claim forgiveness to prevent the rates from increasing.

When you have a problem with your car, Economical Insurance will cover the temporary vehicles. They will pay for the rental car for you when the car ends up in the shop. Any repairs and replacement from economical insurance are easy to claim, especially because of disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

8. Pembridge Insurance


One of the top 10 car insurance companies in Canada is Pembridge insurance. This company existed before 2000 and they provide auto insurance at affordable prices. The most valuable insurance from this company is the comprehensive one.

You can get several benefits from this insurance such as sewer backup, water damage, and rental business option. They also provide all-perils insurance that will cover both collision and comprehension. They sometimes give discounts to the clients such as loyalty discounts and bundled payments.

9. Intact Insurance


This insurance company is innovative because they have a list of products for the clients to pick from. The best one so far is my drive where the insurance will track my behavior on-road, usage, and movements. If the driver behaves, the premium saves up to 25%.

This car insurance is also flexible because it will tailor to the specific need of the clients. The option is not only collision or comprehensive like others’. They also provide driving skill improvement for the clients, so they will save more money for the premium.

10. Wawanesa Insurance


If you are looking for car insurance that offers a cheap price premium per month, it’s time to choose Wawanesa insurance. This company has been popular since 1928 as car insurance for Canadians. The coverage has wide ranges as well.

In Wawanesa Insurance company, the clients are categorized according to their province since each province has its rules. This is why the policies for the clients are different from one another. They divide commercial and private cars for the amount of coverage.

Those top 10 car insurance companies in Canada prioritize the quality of the service over the coverage limit. The agents mostly are willing to provide the best policies for each product, so their clients will get the right option from the list they have.

Sometimes, those companies also offer the cheapest price from a discount. The rates are affordable. You can compare the quotes before choosing the products they have. Find the insurance value that will give the best benefits for your car.