Getting to Know about Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance

Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance is an insurance and reinsurance provider. Established in 1979, the company has been providing various individual and commercial insurances. From home insurance, medical insurance, motor insurance, and accident insurance to property insurance and energy insurance.

Want to get to know more about General Insurance and Reinsurance company? Just read on. In this post, we explain what the Qatar insurance company does, how they work, its mission, vision, and core values, and why you should choose them.

What the Company Does


Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance is a leading insurance company in the region. The company provides individuals, families, as well as businesses with innovative and exceptional insurance solutions through its extensive experience in insurance products and services.

The company is one of the most trusted and financially strongest insurance providers in the region. The company’s impressive success is due to its customer-centered strategy that focuses on clients’ needs and appropriate insurance solutions.

How It Works


The operations of Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance revolve around adhering to the company’s core values: integrity, teamwork, service excellence, and quality.

Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance aims to please and excel in all of its business divisions. The company understands that efficacy and efficiency are crucial foundations.


Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance has a single mission: meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations and partners. This is accomplished by providing exceptional insurance products and services per best international practices.


The vision of Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance is to be the leading insurance and reinsurance provider not just in Qatar but also in the region while delivering exceptional services. The company follows its core values and provides clients with unique products.

Core Values


The company has 4 core values: integrity, teamwork, service excellence, and quality.


Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance works with integrity and transparency. Integrity is very important for the company. So much so that it will remove itself from any situation that may cause suspicion or negatively impact its reputation of honesty, trustworthiness, and professionalism.


The team at Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance consists of talented and experienced individuals. The company promotes collaboration and teamwork within the group and across businesses. The company is true to its history and will always work together with customers’ best interests in mind.

Service excellence

Delivering good insurance products and services is not enough for Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance. The company continuously strives to deliver world-class products and services and a great customer experience.

The company always strives to understand its customers’ needs and follow up on customers’ feedback before, during, and after the sales service.


Qatar General Insurance continues to provide top-quality insurance services that meet and exceed the needs and expectations of customers.

Insurance Products

Qatar General Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products. The products are divided into two categories: individual and corporate.

Individual insurance products


The company understands how important insurance is. As such, it provides a wide range of individual insurance products that give peace of mind such as

  • motor insurance
  • home insurance
  • accident insurance
  • medical insurance
  • travel insurance
  • marine hull insurance
  • housemaid insurance

Corporate insurance products


Insurance is important not just for individuals and families, however. Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance also understands the importance of insurance for a business regardless of the nature and size of the business.

For businesses, they offers

  • property insurance
  • marine and aviation insurance
  • engineering insurance
  • energy insurance
  • corporate motor insurance
  • liability and miscellaneous insurance
  • group medical insurance
  • specialty lines

Why Choose the Company?


Underwriting expertise and support

The team at Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance is qualified to help eliminate the risk of adverse selection and at the same time, provide benefits for customers over time. They facilitates all the customers’ insurance needs, from quoting to renewing.

The team consists of skilled and experienced individuals who have undergone elite training and mentorship, putting them in the best position to meet customers’ needs.

Simple and fast claims resolution

Claims and claim resolutions are handled efficiently by in-house professionals. Due to their skills and experience, claims can be assessed and paid quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the company can be contacted through different channels, such as in-person, WhatsApp, and its website.

Strong financial position

When you buy an insurance plan, you want to buy it from a company that has a strong financial position. Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance has an unshakable financial position thanks to its diverse business operations across the MENA region.

Strong backing

Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance is a part of a larger group alongside Qatar General Holding Company and Genera Takaful Company.

Not to mention it is also backed by financially strong, top-ranking, and globally recognized reinsurance companies.

Talent management and continued professional development

The company understands well how important talent management is. As such, it continuously invests in staff training, professional qualifications, as well as graduate programs. It also creates a healthy work environment to help its employees learn, counsel, and empower one another.

Sustained competitive advantage

The insurance company has been in the industry for over 40 years. That is a testament to its sustained competitive advantage. Ever since its founding, the company has innovation and flexibility as its core ideals.

Skilled and experienced executive management

The executive management at the company consists of skilled and experienced professionals. Each one of them has deep and extensive experience, which helps the company to move forward with its business operations, support its clients, as well as gain the trust of investors.

With over 40 years of experience and expertise, Qatar General Insurance offers its clients the best products and services, customized to meet their unique needs. The company’s top priority has always been to collaborate and understand both local and international communities.

Much of the company’s success is thanks to its continuous strive for excellence. Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance is not alone in its works. The company is a part of a larger group, which provides the company with the strength to support its clients today, tomorrow, and in years to come.