All About Motor Vehicle Insurance Quotes You Should Know

Many South African car owners do not have motor vehicle insurance because they think that this insurance rate is expensive. However, motor vehicle insurance is available at a wide range of rates. Car owners can compare motor vehicle insurance quotes to get the cheapest insurance rate.

Many insurance companies in South Africa sell car or motor vehicle insurance plans. Each company is trying to get more customers by setting competitive motor vehicle insurance rates. Car owners only need to get motor vehicle insurance quotes to find how competitive these companies are.

What Does Motor Vehicle Insurance Mean?


Motor vehicle insurance, also known as car insurance, automotive insurance, or auto insurance, is financial protection provided by insurers against any loss vehicle owners may incur through bodily injury or property damage resulting from accidents.

Motor vehicle insurance also provides financial protection against damage to the insured vehicle caused by other than traffic accidents and vehicle theft. Automotive insurance comes in several types.

1. Motor Vehicle Insurance Types Based on the Insured Parties

South African insurance companies offer motor vehicle insurance for personal and business. Personal automotive insurance is usually for car protection and motorcycle protection.

The insurance rates depend on the car’s condition, driver’s driving records, age, and other aspects. Those who need this insurance can get personal motor vehicle insurance quotes from various sources.

Meanwhile, commercial automotive insurance is for commercial vehicle protection. It is more complicated than personal motor vehicle insurance.

In addition, businesses must contact insurance companies to get business motor vehicle insurance quotes. They cannot simply visit a quote comparison website to get the quotes.

2. Motor Vehicle Insurance Types Based on the Coverage

Based on the coverage, motor vehicle insurance is available in many types. Some of them are:

  • Collision Damage Coverage: It covers the repair cost of the damaged vehicle of the insured parties.
  • Third-Party Liability Coverage: This motor vehicle insurance coverage includes the treatment or hospitalization cost of third parties, the repair cost of the damaged vehicle of the third parties, and liabilities resulting from the death of the third parties.
  • Personal Injury Coverage: The coverage covers the medical cost of the insured parties or car owners.
  • Total Loss Coverage: This coverage gives financial protection to the insured parties when the vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair.

3. Motor Vehicle Insurance Types in South Africa

South African insurance companies generally offer vehicle insurance types as follows.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: It covers almost any type of financial loss caused by the insured parties’ vehicles.
  • Third-Party Insurance Only Coverage: This insurance only covers property damage costs and third parties’ medical treatment costs resulting from the insured parties’ vehicles.
  • Third-Party, Fire, and Theft Coverage: This coverage includes the financial damage the insured parties caused to other persons and their properties. It also covers financial loss caused by stolen vehicles or fire.

The Importance of Comparing Motor Vehicle Insurance Quotes


Car owners must get motor vehicle insurance quotes before purchasing automotive insurance. They must get these quotes because knowing these quotes gives them some benefits.

1. They Help Car Owners Prepare for their Car Insurance Budget

From the motor vehicle insurance quotes, car owners will know the premium amount they must pay to get the financial protection they need. Therefore, they know which car insurance coverage they can afford and can prepare the budget

2. They Help Car Owners Get Affordable Motor Vehicle Insurance

Car owners who look for affordable automotive insurance must look for motor vehicle insurance quotes and compare them. From this comparison, they will find the most affordable automotive car insurance.

Where to Get Motor Vehicle Insurance Quotes

Car owners do not need to visit car insurance agencies to get motor vehicle insurance quotes. They only need to visit insurance websites and insurance quote comparison websites to get these quotes. Below are several reliable websites South African car owners can visit to get car insurance quotes.

1. Hippo


Hippo is a comparison website. Car owners can get automotive insurance quotes easily and quickly from this website. Hippo offers automotive insurance quotes from many insurance companies, such as Dial Direct, Pineapple, and Auto and General.

The website claims it can provide 11 motor vehicle insurance quotes in two minutes. Therefore, those looking for automotive insurance quotes do not need to spend much time researching quotes.

2. Budget Insurance


Budget Insurance is a trusted car insurance company in South Africa. This company is popular for its budget car insurance rates. It has several motor vehicle insurance plans for South African car owners.

One of its most affordable car insurance plans is Budget Lite. To find out cheap motor vehicle insurance quotes from Budget Insurance, car owners can visit its official website.

3. Dial Direct


Dial Direct is another excellent motor vehicle insurance company in South Africa. This company has a resourceful website for South African car owners. They can get car insurance quotes and various information on car insurance from this website.

4. King Price


King Price is widely popular among South African car owners because of its interesting car insurance benefits. This insurance company offers four car insurance plans.

Aside from providing three typical automotive insurance types, King Price also provides a special car insurance plan for high-value or classic cars. This plan is Collectable Car Insurance. To calculate these car insurance rates, car owners must visit King Price’s website.

5. OUTsurance


South African car owners can also get motor vehicle insurance quotes from the OUTsurance website. OUTsurance is a trusted insurance company. It offers three car insurance plans with competitive rates and attractive benefits.

Steps of Get Motor Vehicle Insurance Quotes


How to get motor vehicle insurance quotes from the website above? Car owners can follow these simple steps.

  • Visit one of the websites above via the browser on mobile phones or PC.
  • Click the Start Quote
  • Fill in the form. The website generally asks visitors to fill in particular information, such as car registration number, car brand, and car year model.
  • Click the Get Quote

Getting motor vehicle insurance quotes is essential for car owners who want to insure their vehicles. Having these quotes allows them to compare motor vehicle insurance rates. Therefore, they can find a car insurance plan that fits their budget.

The best way to get these quotes is by visiting insurance company websites or insurance quote comparison websites. Moreover, car owners can do it anytime and anywhere.