5 Best Medical Insurance USA You Should Know

A bunch of medical insurers in the US are offering various policies for all clients. If this is your first time purchasing a medical insurance policy, you will need some help to find the right medical insurance USA. You are about to find some highly recommended medical insurers on this page.

However, you need to know why those medical insurers are recommended. This way, you’ll know which insurer is the right one and which policy you should get. Some recommendations below are insurers with the best customer service, dental benefits, low cost, and other advantages.

For many people, medical insurance USA is a luxury. The plans for medical insurance can be difficult to understand and expensive. If you need help choosing the best medical insurer, the details below are all you need.

How To Choose The Best Medical Insurance USA

How-To-Choose-The-Best-Medical-Insurance-USA medical insurance USA

Some key factors determine why the insurers on this page are chosen. The first one is affordability. The monthly premium cost will vary based on the plan you choose, your location, and whether you will be covered by an employer. But there is the cheapest option available here.

Benefits are the other factor that determines whether a provider of medical insurance USA is the right one or not. Medical insurance companies usually cover additional services or benefits like vision care or dental care. And the final factor is the reviews and customer ratings.

Customer reviews and ratings are combined with the other two factors to choose the right insurance providers. Based on those three factors, you can see which one is the best one for you and your family. If you still need some recommendations on the right insurers, just keep reading.

List of Top Medical Insurance USA

There are various types of medical insurance available in the US, including marketplace plans, high deductible health plans, Medicaid, and Medicare. We have picked some best medical insurance companies you need to check below. This way, you’ll get the right plan for you and your loved ones.

1. Aetna


This one is highly recommended since it has the best customer service. Aetna is one of the oldest medical insurance providers in the nation. This insurer is insuring consumers of vision care, dental care, and healthcare. This medical insurance USA company is also a part of CVS Health.

Aetna has an A+ rating given by BBB or Better Business Bureau. People know Aetna for its Medicaid and Medicare plans that are now available in 50 states in the US. With both insurance types, you can get the benefits and services offered originally by Medicare.

You will also get some extra benefits like hearing care, vision care, and dental care. The quality customer service offered by Aetna is available online. The company also has a wide selection of providers across the nation. Unfortunately, Aetna doesn’t have short-term plans.

2. Blue Cross Blue Shield


This provider of medical insurance USA is nominated as the best option because of overall customer satisfaction. BCBS is now widely used in 50 states of the US. This company has been serving citizens of the US for over 90 years. BCBS is offering various services.

Some services offered by BCBS include dental insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, individual health insurance, and corporate health insurance. More than 1.7 million hospitals and doctors are listed in the network with this company. Many plans are provided by this company, including the Blue365 program.

That program belongs to Medicare members. The program is providing discounts on services and products that are related to wellness and health. Some people love this provider of medical insurance USA because of its low-cost plans for the members of Medicare.

3. Cigna

Cigna medical insurance USA

If you are looking for an insurance provider that has the best pharmacy programs, consider choosing Cigna. Unfortunately, Cigna is not available in all states of the US. However, Cigna is the right option if you are looking for low-cost medical insurance USA. It offers more affordable plans.

Cigna also has impressive networks like the pharmacy programs. This network makes Cigna a more special medical insurance USA provider for those who are looking for regular medication prescriptions. This insurer also has medical insurance for US emigrants who live abroad.

This insurer also has the myCigna mobile app and website that is simple and fast to manage claims, appointment reminders, and health goals. What makes this company more special is the call center that is available 24/7 and its dedicated virtual care physicians for free virtual medical visits.

4. Kaiser Permanente


Looking for the best private medical insurance USA? Then you need to consider the Kaiser Permanente insurance policy. This company is known as the biggest nonprofit medical insurance company. Kaiser is offering family and individual plans along with Medicaid and Medicare.

If you are eligible, you can get extra benefits from medical insurance USA with certain plans. Some extra benefits you may get include an exercise program, help with hearing aids and glasses, as well as a counter allowance.

Citizens of the US who are looking for low-cost insurance policies can also consider Kaiser Permanente since this insurer also offers some low-cost options. Unfortunately, Kaiser Permanente is available in eight states only, including California, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Hawaii, Virginia, and Washington.

5. United Healthcare

United-Healthcare medical insurance USA

United Healthcare is offering family and individual medical insurance USA with the best benefits. This company is available in 18 different states. Clients of this company love the extra tools and programs provided by United Healthcare.

Those extra programs include house calls, rewards programs, mental healthcare, and virtual visits. United also offers plans that include health, vision, and dental. United also offers short-term insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and also small business plans.


Each provider for medical insurance comes with different pros and cons. You need to learn about each insurer and what makes them special. Among so many insurers in the US, five of them are nominated as the best ones. Make sure that you compare them all before considering the other options.

The five providers of medical insurance USA on this page are highly recommended because of their special products, services, and programs.