Coverage Types of Korea National Health Insurance & Why You Must Get It

Health emergencies can occur suddenly wherever you are even if you live in South Korea. These emergency conditions can leave payment consequences which can be overwhelming if you do not prepare for it. Applying for Korea national health insurance is the right solution to protect your health.

The National Health Insurance System is widely popular NHIS helps the Korea government to provide healthcare services at an affordable cost. Therefore, you must rely on your healthcare needs through this social health security system so you never pay all the health and medical bills alone during uncertainties.

Getting Korea national health insurance does not mean that you can receive free medical services. Instead, you can benefit from more affordable medical costs because the insurer will pay on your behalf. Thus, you do not need to pay for those health or medical services directly from your pockets.

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Korea national health insurance covers the entire population living in this country. This health insurance allows you to benefit from medical services for injuries, health promotions, disease prevention, childbirth, and rehabilitation. You can benefit from either service or cash from NHIS during your stay in South Korea.

NHIS delivers insurance contributions variedly to the insured according to their wealth. However, NHIS provides insurance benefits similarly to all the insured. If you are still confused, accessing NHIS KR Menu reterivemenuset helps you to know about the available health coverage and to some extent you are eligible.

1. Who is Eligible for NHIS?


Several types of people are eligible to apply for Korea national health insurance. They must be foreigners or overseas Koreans living and working at the insured company. You can ask for exclusion in case of being protected by medical care with any insurance, foreign regulation, and employer’s contract.

People who work at the workplace where Korea national health insurance is covered are also eligible to apply for this health insurance. NHIS also allows applications from people employed as public officials, teachers, or staff members working in any private school in this country.

Self-employed people as foreign workers are also eligible for South Korea national health insurance. However, they need to submit their employee acquisition report stating that they are insured eligibility to NHIS. This report must include the statement from users and the workplace.

Those who can apply for Korea national health insurance under self-employed status are foreigners or abroad Koreans who have lived in Korea for more than six months. Besides, they must receive a compulsory subscription for health insurance.

2. Insurance Benefits


Once you get your Korea national health insurance, you can get insurance benefits in two forms, in kind or cash. The in-kind benefits consist of health checkups and healthcare benefits. These insurance benefits enable you to get high-quality health and medical services in hospitals across South Korea.

Benefits in cash help you to deal with any payment related to medical needs. Benefits in cash from Korea national health insurance include compensation for high co-payment, pregnancy examination, and childbirth expenses.

Other expenses covered by NHIS cash benefits are assistive appliances for disabled patients and medical costs exceeding the co-payment limitation. You will get reimbursement for paying those expenses if you have Korea national health insurance.

3. The Reasons to Have NHIS


There are several reasons why you must apply for NHIS if you want to study, work or sojourn in South Korea. NHIS not only protects you but also your family if you move with them to this country. Aside from access to health services across Korea, here are some easiness you will get from the insurance.

Health Security

As part of NHIS, you can undergo an easy process to have Korea national health insurance. This is very beneficial particularly if you cannot hold a personal policy financially. This insurance will provide you with financial support so you can get the required medical treatments based on your needs.

NHIS also works by checking the surging health costs and ensures you receive efficient services from the insurance providers. Therefore, you do not need to worry because NHIS will keep securing your health through suitable insurance plans.

Subsidized Health Costs

NHIS promotes cross-subsidization for health costs and provides the platform for these subsidization activities. NHIS ensures that all citizens get healthcare based on their need and allow members to help others through this platform. Therefore, healthy people can subsidize those who suffer from illnesses.

People with high incomes can subsidize those with low incomes. Moreover, young people can subsidize the elders. NHIS allows the government, participants, and employers to take part in Korea national health insurance. Therefore, they can work together to fund healthcare services.

Suitable Healthcare Programs

NHIS provides two different programs to meet the participants’ healthcare needs. The first program is for the formal sector. This program provides health coverage for employees in the private and public sectors. If you work in one of those sectors, you can get an national health insurance under this program.

The second program is for the informal sector that covers primary school students, retirees and people living in countryside areas across South Korea, and students in the university. Hence, if you move to Korea to study at one of its universities, you can benefit from the informal health insurance program from NHIS.

Affordable health costs

Another aim of NHIS is to reduce health costs so you do not need to pay the medical services directly from your savings. No matter which is your income level, NHIS will protect you from hardships when you need to pay highly expensive medical costs.

NHIS aims to make high-quality healthcare and medical services available for everyone living in South Korea, particularly those who cannot afford them. By applying for Korea national health insurance, you can get quality healthcare services at more affordable rates when you face emergencies in Korea.

NHIS helps you to avoid paying high medical expenses and allows you to get the required healthcare. People who have Korea national health insurance likely have shorter hospital visits and experience healthier life for a longer time compared to those who live without health coverage in this country.