50 Unique Kitchen Flooring Ideas for a Lively Step

For every homeowner currently on track for inspiring new kitchen flooring ideas, we understand your challenges. Kitchens can also make a statement like other rooms in your house once you know the tricks! A lovely throwback for nostalgic vibe or sustainability objective is some of the everyday purposes you’ll find out there. But which impact you want to aim?

The flooring in the kitchen possesses particular challenges you need to sort out with whatever you choose to put underfoot. Either you want a backdrop, parquet, or simple flagstones, floorings always put your preference first. The primary line is that it should be hard-wearing, well-maintained, and practical. Then, make sure it’ll agree with other rooms in your home for a compact finish.

See, there’s a lot of factors and decisions weighing for a little flooring project! We have listed important information to note regarding kitchen flooring ideas you may need. There are also the best materials to work with, and lastly our unique ideas that hopefully can inspire you afterward.

Low Maintenance Material for Kitchen Flooring

Low-maintenance is an inevitable aspect for almost every product we purchased. Moreover, small accidents like stains, spilling, or spatters can affect floorings. There are also heavy appliances and long-standing furniture on the floor, along with extreme heat of stoves or falling of sharp objects that can lower the floor quality.

Kitchen flooring ideas out there put attention to the material chosen and used to ensure you keep it okay for a long time. Not sure what to pick? These are some of the most common material you can try.

1) Vinyl

This is a human-made resistant and resilient material that can work against almost all staining agents. Vinyl floorings aren’t tricky to wipe and don’t easily tear, scratch, or rip. The best thing is that this tough floor turns out to be warmer and softer underfoot than tiling in ceramic and stone.

2) Natural Stone

A material directly extracted from the earth is natural at heart and exceedingly elegant. Natural stones like granite and slate are highly sturdy products and resistant to water, divots, and scratches. Once floorings with this material are appropriately installed, it’s going to add more depth in a smooth result. Play along with your creativity by using multi-colored stones to brighten up the kitchen!

3) Linoleum

Another easy to care and low-maintenance flooring material is linoleum. This eco-friendly product manufactured from linseed oil is durable and scratch-resistant, making it accessible for kitchen flooring ideas. It’s no longer a material from a bygone era! A lot of manufacturing methods already produce linoleum in attractive product options.

4) Brick

Using bricks for your flooring surface can serve a classic look that lasts for decades. Bricks consist of natural elements and created mostly from shale, kaolin, and clay. After an excellent installation, your brick flooring will give a less porous surface and a bolder design element. This noncombustible material even enhances visual warmth and eye-catching at the same time.

Kitchen Flooring Tips to Note

Although floorings may be a simple matter, it actually has a silent power to improve the kitchen look and ambiance. Some of the tips below will shed some light on things you should note. For starters, though, your flooring decisions will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and overall appearance of the whole house.

1) Turn to contrast

The power of contrast can come from the stain-resistant wooden floors. If you own high ceilings and neutral-colored walls, a dim-stained floor will add a fantastic look once applied.

2) Consider pattern

Chic patterned floor tiles can be the evident standout piece to feature in a jaunty kitchen. Carefully patterned tiles with a suitable color scheme will complement other parts in the kitchen.

3) Polished concrete for cool effects

Always aim for a cool solution if you have any. Polished concrete builds not only robust kitchen flooring ideas but also a straightforward fresh result. You can also implement this trick to simply cover a repugnant floor surface or to toss additional brightness in the kitchen.

4) A refined feature from parquet

Parquet floorings are the gorgeous type of hardwood flooring you can definitely use. Its elegant feature brings a more eye-catching, original, and vibrant nod to your kitchen floor without being too over the top. Consider painting your walls and buying furniture in white to bring out its warm wood tones.

5) Fewer costs with laminate floorings

Save more cash with human-made laminate floorings that are obviously super durable. This trick also helps you own a high-class looking floor in the rich texture of stone or wood! They look sophisticated but still easy to clean and install with great value.

This information before you jump to the kitchen flooring ideas will help significantly with your kitchen renovation project.

50 Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Adore Retro Kitchen Flooring Design

Yellow canary and pale light green can never go wrong combine together. Synthetic rattan stools can be a great addition to your retro look kitchen. Don’t forget to add neutral colors such as white and Grey to balance your color palette. Natural lighting can also enhance the overall ambiance of the kitchen. Efficient windows and ventilation size is significant for your indoor air quality.

Amazing Pattern Tiles for Contemporary Kitchen

The role of the furniture as a statement is important in contemporary kitchen interior design. This one looks a bit exceptional in a way it blends classic furniture and modern architecture into one contemporary design. Not only furniture, black and white pattern tiles give away a bold look combined with wood and black table and kitchen counter.

Beautifully Grey Hexagonal Kitchen Flooring

The hexagonal flooring trend is obviously coming back. You might think that white and light grey are too pale combine together but with the addition of various patterns, it certainly not. You can put the white, grey and patterned tiles in a sporadic manner and create a more dynamic look.

Beautifully Pattern Tiles Kitchen Flooring Design

Traditional encaustic tiles in light colors give the impression of subtle but intriguing design. Classic white cabinet with light wooden top is a great combination for tiles like these. They add another depth of the design to the overall look. These colorful, repetitive patterns are great for lifting the atmosphere of a room, adding color and design, adding a generous dose of rustic charm, warmth, and texture.

Black and White Rhomboid Tiled Kitchen Flooring

A monochrome small tiles arrangement are the safest way to enhance your modern kitchen. Play with more bold graphics to strengthen the design. Black and white is the most common monochrome combination that people use. You can play with more complicated pattern to make your spacious or elongated kitchen feel more intimate. Smaller tiles normally not as expensive as the big cutting one, so this kind of tile is a more budget friendly option.

Black Hexagonal Tiles Kitchen Flooring

Create a high contrast for your white classic cabinet with modern graphic all black hexagonal tiles. These two contrary style and time make a juxtaposition interior appearance. Black, in interior design, is always used in small amounts with contrasting, complementary colors. When used right, it can add depth and timeless elegance to a room.

Black Pattern Tiles Flooring for White Flooring

Black patterned tiles add a certain traditional ambience to your kitchen. A bit of turkish pattern on some part of your kitchen can create a layer to make a more 3d experience to your eyes and suit the white and Steel cabinet and kitchen island. A touch of chrome finish here and there can escalates the mood of the room.

Britania Gales Realonda Tiles for Luxury Kitchen Flooring

With artsy design, flooring can also take a role as a room decoration and ornamental element. This design of traditional ceramic with contemporary touch inspire a feeling of time travel through its authenticity. A beige dominant color really go well with a natural finish wood of kitchen table and cabinet. The nice line-up tiles by the edge create a bold definition and serves as boundaries from kitchen to other surrounding rooms

Concrete Tiles Stacklab with Wooden Floor of Amazing Kitchen

Parquettes wood flooring side by side with graphic tiles can be a great experiment too. Add a splash of vibrant colors like orange and ocean blue to lift up the mood of your kitchen. Wooden flooring can create a warm and cozy feeling to your kitchen and to combine it with various kinds of blue will surely balance the ambience

Contemporary Kitchen with Beautiful Pattern Floor

Another combination of wooden flooring and patterned tile that comes in light color. Birch wood with rustic finish is perfect for nordic interior style fan. Arrange a patterned tile in the middle of the kitchen or under the main kitchen island to define your zoning without any wall barrier.

Cottage Slate Flooring for White Kitchen Idea

Nowadays, in the ara of cutting edge technology, stone flooring come in various shapes and design. Stone is not something too difficult to be processed in many kind of arrangement. Take this one above as an example. Stone can also be made with metal rusty effect finish to create a steampunk ambience to your kitchen.

Dark Wooden Slate Kitchen Flooring Design

Wood as a kitchen flooring is always a great choice because of the resilience and minimum maintenance. Walnut finish wooden floor is one of the most favorite options for house in cold and windy climate because it gives the layer of warm and intimate feeling to the interior. A nice touch of earthy colors doormat will spice up your entire flooring design.

Elegantly Hexagonal Tiles Kitchen Flooring Design

Earth colors such as brown, cream, grey and off white are a long time trend even until now. One of the great ideas is to put these colors as a wholesome color palette to your flooring. The hexagonal shape makes it more playful and dynamic. Choose one of the colors in the tiles to be your main furniture color and then you are good to go

Encaustic Tiles Kitchen Flooring Design

Colourful and playful tile design to obtain the contemporary but retro look to the kitchen. You can tweak your spacious kitchen to feel not as big and empty with colourful encaustic tile pattern. Choose white coated primary color such as canary yellow, peach pink, baby blue and dark green. White painted finish cabinet is only enhance the flooring more. Don’t forget to choose a pendant with color that match one of the tile.

Epic and Unique Pattern Tiles for Small Kitchen

Who doesn’t love patchwork design tile? One of the great ideas is to use patchwork tiles as flooring and backsplash accent. Balance it with grey concrete or white painted wall to harmonize the overall look. Patchwork usually comes in many various patterns and colors. Choose carefully the design that go together and compliment one another

Floral Tiles Kitchen Flooring with Blue Cabinet

Grey-blue color tile are calm choice and have the ability to brighten up your kitchen. Especially with natural lighting from the window that compliment the color hue. Choose a match cabinet color with white solid surface top table. For dining area, light colored wooden floor is a perfect match for two color tile like this.

Futuristic Hexagonal Tiles for Scandinavian Kitchen

Everybody will love Scandinavian style touch to their kitchen. Hexagonal with bold color as the stroke and light color to fill the rest can add a futuristic feel to your kitchen. Don’t the flooring design remind you of intersellar spaceship interior?

Grey and White Kitchen Flooring Design

If you wanted to use the same kind of tile for your kitchen and dining area, go with a simple and subtle texture design of this grey and white tile. Rotate them 45 degrees to create a diagonal line arrangement so it does not look flat. The tile really compliment the american style look with greyish green painted wall ans white architrave.

Grey Slate Tiles Kitchen Flooring is Fit with Modern Style

Grey slate flooring is serve a masculine and modern interior style. They will match perfectly with black and white kitchen island and cabinet. If you choose a stone and dove finish tile, complement them with lacquer finish table to add a touch of luxury. Finally, Chrome finish bar stool to complete the look.

Grey Wood Effect Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring

Who says that vinyl as not as good as parquet flooring? With today’s material technology, vinyl flooring can come with even more wood texture design than the parquet one. Vinyl is totally low maintenance for a really reasonable price. This grey wood effect vinyl flooring will create a warehouse and rustic look to your kitchen. Combine them with bright color furniture and it will be well-designer.

Herringbone Brick Floor Kitchen Idea

Herringbone tile installment is maybe a little difficult but it totally worth it. This brick colored herringbone tile can be an option to warm and homey feeling kitchen. Black chairs and top table with white cabinet are enhance the gradation color in the tile. White ceiling and wall is act as a white blank canvas to give harmony to the flooring design.

Herringbone Wood Flooring for Simplified Kitchen

Choose a bigger scale of herringbone pattern to minimize the man-work for your kitchen renovation. Natural cherry wood is perhaps the most prized furniture hardwood and is easily our most popular seller, cherry is a smooth-grained, reddish-brown hardwood it gives the well furnished interior feeling to your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to play with various kinds of wood finish and size because they can brighten almost all of the cabinet color that you choose.

High Quality Wooden Kitchen Flooring Design

Like cherry, maple wood stain finish also gives the define design look. It can certainly serve a vintage style. It is a good choice if your kitchen is open to outdoor like garden area. Because wood flooring known for its resilience to climate condition like heat, snow and rain. Maybe you have to refinish the wood and everything once in a while but it would be easily worked and trouble free.

High Quality Wooden Slate Kitchen Flooring Idea

Dark wood flooring will attach the attention really fast. It will create a good contrast if side by side with white and grey cabinet. High quality wood is also have high durability so that the higher price will worth after all. To protect your flooring from unwanted scratch, do not forget to choose a steel chair with rubber on the bottom. A natural wood will come with great dark brown gradation that surely add depth to your kitchen design look.

Incredible Tiles Kitchen Flooring with Vintage Style

A pretty vintage tile that place in some part of the area look like an ornamented rug. It stylize the look especially for small kitchen. Choose another pattern to be placed outside of the rectangular arrangement like a box frame to create a bolder accent definition.

Kitchen Stones Tile Floor in Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse design is still favorite by some people and surprisingly look well with encaustic flooring Tiles. Popular in very ornate victorian style era, graphic encaustic tiles are enjoying a revival. A patterned floor is an elegant way to add interest to a kitchen. Mixing it with other fixtures such as this white cabinet and black steel door to add rich farmhouse quality to the room.

Kura Kala Brick Block Slate Kitchen Flooring

This kura kala ceramic tile is a new delicate tiles from amtico with subtle blue-purple tones in a cream base emitting effortless beauty. This ceramic tile match with a more feminime interior style. But at the same time look durable and resilience with stone effect texture. This tile will take contemporary style to the next level.

Leoline Floors The Perfect Match for Farm Kitchen

Inspired by limestone colors, these bright cement tile duplicate the light cream, peach and whitish grey into its design color. This tile go well with farmhouse Kitchen design because of the natural coated look. Just aware of the future maintenance and cleaning for this kind of bright color to avoid dirty or dusty looking in your kitchen.

Light Grey and White Tiles Kitchen Flooring

Simple rectangular tiles in two color are perfect for minimalist style. White and light colored wood fixtures are a great addition to the room. Bulky tom dixon dining table really suit this pale style. Big white pendant lamp as a statement and artwork can be a great decoration elements.

Light Wood Slate Flooring for White Kitchen

Go further in Scandinavians style by choosing a pale colored wood flooring. If you want a clean and natural look for your kitchen this style will suit you the best. A few cute planters can prompt also a tropical look to this natural nordic look.

Mannington Luxury Vinyl Kitchen Flooring Design

This rusty-yellow coloring texture vinyl brings warmth to a home and reflects the natural clay look it wanted to bring. This flooring create a luxury ambience and approach a quality of steampunk design style. Many feel this adds character and a rustic feel to their home. This durable flooring looks great inside and out.

Mediterranean Pattern Tiles Kitchen Flooring Design

These artistic Mediterranean tiles have a rhythm and vitality on their own. This could be an option for your next kitchen project with victorian furniture style. Monochrome color palette will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere into your dining and kitchen area. The pattern also good to make the spacious room feel well occupied.

Meridinia Sputnik Style Kitchen Flooring Design

Mid-century and industrial style suits the small kitchen with high ceiling. Without many structural renovations we can achieve this kind of raw and modern look by using dove finish material and green sputnik tiles. Dark green prompt a deep dimension to the floor make the room look even taller. White line create shiny and artsy effect. Mid-century pendant lamp and bar stools are also a great touch of the room.

Modern and Stylish Apartment Design with Pattern Floor

Stylish does not mean you have to mix all kinds of design and pattern. The best way to achieve a style is within the simplicity of material. Like this diamond-shape tile in black and white meet the wooden flooring. This modern style will look great for your apartment with minimal wall and ceiling finish. Use only one hue of wood color, walnut Oak are great for natural finish.

Modern Hexagonal Tiles Kitchen Flooring

Earthy coated color flooring design in this hexagonal shape makes a playful ambience to your kitchen. To add a splash of solid color, use green or any other primary color like this one. A natural artwork and simple stools will complete the room and enhance the youthful and dynamic ambience.

Oak Plank with Cork Back Kitchen Flooring

A right choice of flooring is significant in classic american interior style. Raw oak look parquette could add the richness of this kinda appearance. It is safe to choose more than one wood finish for entire room too create a harmonization of warm and homey feeling. A great source of natural lighting are also important to avoid termites and bacteries.

Old Fashioned Slate Tiles Kitchen Flooring

Slate tiles have their own league in interior language. They create a mature and well designed feeling to your room. Slate flooring in all its forms has many advantages, but it will perform better in some areas than in others. These tile while give you a fine natural and classic look, it also inherent durability that makes it resistant to cracks, scratches, breaks, and chips.

Omaha Kinship Tiles Kitchen Flooring Idea

Omaha kinship in interior is a term that strongly related to tribal pattern design. This kind of Pattern design never really gone with times. One or two tone color of tribal pattern tile make your flooring alone looks like a work of art. Thus, the white and monochrome ambience can be lifted up by the tribal accent. It is a good Idea to place one or two planters by the window to freshen up the air.

Parisian Vinyl Floor Mat for Simple Kitchen

Greenish grey look can be a contrast addition for cherry white cabinet kitchen. Mix it up with different kind of shape and arrangement and prompt a more fine design throughout your room. All Black top table can harmonize the overall look and create a more color dimension to the pale tile. Vinyl come in various stone effect textures nowadays, so it will be more budget wise option for you.

Patchwork Color Mix Floor Fit with Backlash

This patchwork moresque cement tile are a long time survival through times. Even in the stream of modern minimalist trend we still can find patchwork tile accent here and there in the interior showcase. Choose a more warm color to prompt homey feeling. Colors like yellow, brown, cream and greyish blue are the best choice.

Premium Wooden Flooring for Wonderful Kitchen

High gloss finish wood without any visible edge are surely give the impression of expensive and premium material. If place near the window and when the sunlight reflected onto the floor, it creates magic. All wooden cabinet and white plank wood create a rustic industrial look.

Red Floral Pattern Tiles for Modern Kitchen Design

This moroccan style tiles are popular in order to achieve the contemporary design look. With a mixture of floral and geometric design, they are guaranteed to catch the eye of your visitors, and give your floor a unique and distinctive look. Whilst having a victorian resemblance, they go well if combined with red and grey color to make a more modern atmosphere.

Red Kitchen Flooring with Retro Style

What is Retro style without a bold color, right? Install a small tile and create a unique line accent onto the dark red color. Combine bold color like this with more neutral hue such as off white, pewter fun and black. Avoid using more than one primary color to keep the design mature and neat. A Red decoration and ornaments will make more harmonized ambience.

Regarding Kitchen Flooring Make Your Kitchen Look Great

Stone flooring with dark brown and golden gradation is the way to approach the industrial look. There is a sense of unfinished rawness in this kind of Tiles. They draw inspiration from a warehouse or an urban loft. They may possibly be one or two pieces of artwork to add a dash of color.

Rhombus Pattern Tiles Kitchen Flooring Design

Rhombus pattern tile is an alternative if ordinary triangle and rectangular shape brings you bore. Choose a more vibrant color to make the flooring looks like a beautiful artistic elements to the room. Play with space and frame to create the zone definition and break the perspective of eyes. Steel cabinet with reflection effect add a spacious feeling to the room.

The Incredible Flowering Tiles Kitchen Floor

Go full Pattern in your floor and wall? why not! You can never go wrong with full pattern finish as long as you choose the color right. You can see from the picture above that tiles on the wall has the same two colors as tile on the floor. Avoid using more than three colors so it will not make a bad crowding effect to our eyes.

Three Color Tiles Kitchen Flooring of Olive, Black and White

If you like your 1950s style kitchen interior, spice it up with this modern graphic diagonal style. The overall color palette are beautifully complement one another. Olive green, mustard yellow, white and black are colors made for kitchen. Because where else did they go, right?

Triangle Tiles Mosaic for Modern Kitchen Interior

Play along with small triangle tile and you can create basically any patterns that you like. This rectangular shape with smaller rectangular in the corner are easy to make. The white edge by the corner of the triangular shape create an illusion of shiny effect through your kitchen. You can install this kind of flooring only in the small part of your kitchen corridor. For the area near it, use beige tile that match the wood of your furniture and cabinet.

Unique Kitchen Flooring with Scandinavians Style

Small pattern tile will really go in small kitchen area. The monogamous style will create a bigger space look. Choose light colors instead of the bold one, this way you won’t make your eyes tired while looking at the design. Grey, white and pastel are perfect choice. Scandinavian style normally use white as their dominant color so make sure your tile will enhance the look. Add blue and oak color wood will brighten up the mood.

Vintage Kitchen Island with Slate Tiles Flooring

For you who are into french american and vintage style a slate stone tiles like this can really achieve that kind of look. Choose a tile with decay or burned effect to emphasize the Vintage feeling. Greyish green and white is a great enhancement to the overall Kitchen style. Don’t forget to advance cleaning your flooring once in a while to maintain the decay effect out of dirt.

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