3 Top Companies Providing International Health Insurance in Malaysia

International health insurance is a perfect option to protect your health if you want to travel long period or move to Malaysia. Nowadays, Malaysia is a highly famous destination for citizens around the world. People are only interested in its culture and tourism but also in education and employment opportunities.

Getting international health insurance is necessary whether you have a specific medical condition to take care of or want to get peace of mind of health when living in Malaysia. This insurance works similarly to health insurance at home as it covers emergency treatments and various medical and health care.

Best International Health Insurance in Malaysia

Malaysia’s government provides various coverage options for foreigners living in this country. Both emergency and regular healthcare are available to protect your health whenever and wherever you are in Malaysia.

International health insurance also enables foreigners to receive treatment in the covered regions. If you plan to stay in Malaysia and currently search for health insurance companies with good reputations, you must consider the following options.

These insurance companies have been famous worldwide and they come with top international health insurance plans.

Allianz Care


Allianz Care is one of the most renowned insurance companies in the world that provides international health insurance. You can consider this company if you want to stay in Malaysia for the long term and require health cover for emergency treatment, diagnosis, and post-treatment medical care.

This health insurance coverage is perfect for several types of people such as students or professionals who study or work in Malaysia for more than one year. People who plan to start a family or family that live in this country also can benefit from the health insurance offered.

International health insurance from Allianz Care is also suitable for you who want to switch insurers or leave a company scheme. It also provides short-term cover for foreigners who live, work, or travel in Malaysia for less than a year.

Benefits of Using Allianz Care

  • The availability to manage your cover anytime and anywhere through its digital services.
  • Receive medical advice from the comfort of your home through phone, video, or chat.
  • Expert medical support for a second medical opinion if you are unsure about the medical diagnosis.
  • Preventable health risks are available in the form of videos, articles, tips, tools, and guides.
  • Expat Assistance Program to provide professional and confidential medical support and advice.



AXA is another top-tier company that provides international health insurance and you can use it in Malaysia as well. It will give you peace of mind during your stay in this country because it gives you access to the best private healthcare services across the country. Hence, you do not rely on public healthcare.

AXA commits to providing health insurance coverage tailored to your needs. Therefore, you can select various cover levels and personalized options to get the right insurance plan. Most AXA insurance plans are available on annual basis but there is short-term cover for those who live within 3 to 11 months.

Choosing AXA allows you to get quotes for international health insurance online. You only need to answer a few basic questions such as where you live in Malaysia and who and what things to cover in the insurance. Then, the AXA team will review your answer and set up the cover by contacting you via phone.

By using international health insurance, you can avoid unexpected healthcare bills. Instead, you can allocate the budget in regular and predictable premiums that you can choose monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You can avoid an overwhelming process that usually happens in public healthcare systems.

Benefits of Using AXA

  • Various medical covers from emergency surgery to medical treatments.
  • Quick payouts with more than 80 % available claims in 48 hours.
  • Mental health support enables you to connect with qualified psychologists.
  • Virtual doctor service provides consultation via phone or video.
  • Second opinion service from world-leading experts for diagnosis uncertainty.
  • Evacuation and repatriation service if you do not get local health assistance.



IMG belongs to the best insurance companies that provide international health insurance worldwide. It enables foreigners to get long-term health coverage when they live in Malaysia. It ensures people become part of global citizens no matter where they live without worrying about potential health risks.

This insurance company comes with revolutionary programs that emphasize on flexible international coverage you require. The programs allow you to experience world-class health services from world-leading doctors and medical experts. It enables you to select an insurance plan specifically tailored to your needs.

International health insurance offered by IMG offers fully flexible 24 coverage and various benefits that fit both individuals and families living abroad. Their insurance plans give you the freedom to select healthcare providers wherever you are in Malaysia because IMG commits to providing universal service.

Various people are suitable for international health insurance from IMG. They are students or visitors who study or stay in this country for over a year. It is eligible for business travelers or people who conduct social good for a long time. Marine captains and Government services workers are eligible too.

Benefits of Using IMG

  • 25 available insurance plans to suit your needs.
  • International emergency care is available for 24 hours access which becomes a perfect option when an emergency condition occurs while you are away from home.
  • An experienced and award-winning company that has served the insurance industry for more than 25 years so the IMG team truly understands what the clients need.
  • Smooth services without obstacles allow the team to provide international health insurance plans and services in different time zones, languages, and currencies.
  • Accessible technology helps clients submit their quotes and view their claims using a 24-hour online portal.
  • Global supports to protect and enhance health and well-being through their offices and partners available worldwide.

Getting international health insurance is essential to support your long-term stay in Malaysia. Relying on your health coverage from the best insurers can provide peace of mind and save your savings when unexpected health conditions happen and you require much money to pay for medical treatments.