2 Best Providers of Health Insurance In Mexico For Foreigners

Every year, Mexico is welcoming a lot of foreigners who want to spend their time exploring the country. Many people in Mexico speak English so communication and language are not a problem here. Healthcare providers also speak English and can help with health insurance in Mexico for expats.

When you are going to choose the best health insurance for foreigners in Mexico, the most important thing you need to consider is where you will receive the treatment since there are insurance limitations, whether in a private hospital or public hospital.

Local health insurance in Mexico for expats program will cover immediate care. But a global health insurance policy is going to guarantee immediate care while equipping you with options to get it from the best Mexico treatment centers.

Best Health Insurance In Mexico For Foreigners

Before visiting Mexico, you must be aware that access to many better private hospitals is not available at all or is limited. Public hospitals in Mexico are often crowded. The primary language used in those public hospitals is Spanish.

If you are in a public hospital for a non-emergency procedure, the waiting periods may be super lengthy. If you get IMSS or local insurance, the hospital may give more priority to some patients than to ex-pats because of the membership level. There will be exclusions or limits of coverage too.

Speaking about the best health insurance in Mexico for expats, two providers are more famous than the others. Those providers are Cigna Global and GeoBlue Xplorer. Cigna Global is the best option for the ex-pats while GeoBlue Xplorer is a much better option for US citizens.

1. Cigna Global


Cigna Global becomes the better option for ex-pats because this company has a wide range of plans that are super flexible. Those plans will let the clients customize by choosing the medical benefits that will meet the client’s specific coverage needs.

A wide range of policies or plans is not the only thing that makes Cigna Global famous amongst the ex-pat. The other reasons include its excellent service and various coverage options that will suit the specific needs of all clients.

The international plan of health insurance in Mexico for expats from Cigna Global is a perfect choice for some reasons. Find those reasons below and you will see why Cigna Global is so famous.

  • Clients love the modular plan that is going to let them choose some specific benefits they want to be covered. This way, clients don’t have to pay for all services they don’t need.
  • People also like this health insurance in Mexico for expats from Cigna Global because it is partnered with more than 125 best hospitals, medical companies, and facilities in Mexico.
  • All foreigners in Mexico are allowed to apply, no matter how old they are.
  • Plans of health insurance in Mexico for expats are comprehensive and are crafted to meet the client’s needs.
  • Three levels of insurance coverage are available. Those levels are Cigna Platinum, Cigna Gold, and Cigna Silver. Every single plan provides cover for day-patient and inpatient care with an option to add elective modules like adding outpatient care.

Health benefits offered by this private health insurance in Mexico for expats will give you access to the vast international healthcare network. This network is especially helpful if the Mexican healthcare system is known for providing inadequate service or being too expensive.

The customer relations team of Cigna Global will help clients find the best medical facilities and doctors that will provide them with the medication and healthcare they deserve and need. Cigna Global also has standard benefits that are included in the entire plans of health insurance in Mexico for expats.

a. Deductible options

Clients of Cigna Global can choose a cost-share and deductible option for the insurance plan. The goal is to adjust the premiums’ cost.

b. Coverage area

Cigna Global clients can also choose between two different coverage areas. The first one is worldwide coverage and the second coverage area is also worldwide coverage but excludes the US.

c. Inpatient care

Essential hospital treatments and stays will be paid in full. An example of essential hospital treatment is cancer care.

d. Mental healthcare

This provider of health insurance in Mexico for expats also offers treatments for various mental disorders, addiction, and health conditions.

Those are only some examples of benefits that Cigna Global provide for all clients. Some other benefits include online customer areas and global health assistance.

2. GeoBlue Xplorer


This provider of health insurance in Mexico for expats is a brilliant insurance option for US citizens who live in Mexico because of its flexibility to choose where they can get medical treatment. Since Mexico and the US are super close, US citizens can choose to get their medication back in the US.

In this case, GeoBlue Xplorer is providing the best medical plan. This insurer will entitle you to get healthcare treatment in the US for up to 9 months. But if you prefer to get care in Mexico, choose to get a coverage plan that excludes the US. This is going to save up to 50% of the monthly premium.

Before choosing any low-cost health insurance in Mexico for expats, you need to know some details about GeoBlue Xplorer below to compare it with other insurers.

a. No waiting periods

This provider of health insurance in Mexico for expats doesn’t have any waiting periods that are associated with preventive services like routine physicals and doctor office visits.

b. No deductible

For some services, GeoBlue Xplorer doesn’t require the clients to pay the deductible. This feature is for some standard services like outpatient prescriptions, preventative care, and office visit.

Health insurance providers for ex-pats in Mexico are trying to provide the best services and products for all clients. But among so many providers, two of them are considered the better ones. Those providers are Cigna Global and GeoBlue Xplorer. Each insurer offers different benefits and advantages.

Before purchasing any health insurance for ex-pats in Mexico, you need to learn about both insurers. This way, you’ll know what makes them special. Compare Cigna Global and GeoBlue Xplorer with some other providers of health insurance in Mexico for expats to find the best one for you and your family.