3 Best Health Insurance Companies Australia by Market Share

Choosing health insurance companies Australia can be a daunting task because many insurance companies provide good health coverage. For foreigners who want to move or travel to Australia, it is crucial to know about the health coverage types you need so you can choose the right company.

Most companies in Australia offer health insurance coverage for foreigners even if you are from United Arab Emirates (UAE). Therefore, you must check each insurance company in Australia to know what countries they cover and to what extent they cover the health expenses for different countries.

You must take considerations before choosing health insurance companies Australia. Comparison of their policies, premiums, market share, and customer satisfaction will give a point of view about how reputable an insurance company is. Then, you can choose the right insurer for coverage.

Top Health Insurance Companies Australia

Looking for a fund that provides the benefits at a premium you can afford is the key to selecting the best health insurance companies Australia.

If you are still confused about what insurance company to choose, here is the list of top insurance companies in Australia that offer the best health coverage even for foreigners.

1. Medibank


Medibank is one of the top health insurance companies Australia by market share but it is still competitive in the market. You should never question the quality of its health insurance service because Medibank received an award from Finder as the best insurance provider in 2022.

Medibank received this award because of its health fund and high-performing policies that include hospital and extras coverage. It is not the only award received by Medibank because they also get other awards for hospital insurance policies and comprehensive extras policies.

Medibank belongs to health insurance companies Australia that offer some abroad visitors health coverage. If you are a UAE citizen and want to study in Australia, Medibank also provides abroad student health cover as long as you meet the immigration and visa requirements.

Benefits of using Medibank:

  • An easy claim for extras through the mobile device.
  • One of the health insurance companies Australia with more than 12,000 provider locations available across Australia.
  • A Medibank nurse hotline is available 24/7 with a hospital cover.
  • Healthy choice rewards.
  • Members get free access to online advice and health tips.
  • Some of its hospital policies are the cheapest in the market.
  • Its hospital policy is available at $88.90 per month.

2. Bupa


Bupa also joins the top-notch health insurance companies Australia because it has served the insurance industry for over 60 years. Thus, this company knows the customers’ needs for health insurance. People likely rely on its insurance needs to Bupa because it has good customer service and value policies.

As the second-largest health fund in Australia, Bupa covers more than 4 million members. It provides good value policies in three different basic types, bronze, and silver. Each good value policy offers different health coverage and is available at different prices.

Foreigners who want to move or live temporarily in Australia also can benefit from this insurance company. Bupa is one of the health insurance companies that include various visitors’ health coverage. Thus, if you come to Australia for working, non-working, or study purposes, you can consider Bupa to cover you.

Claiming with Bupa is quite easy and you can choose one from several ways available. You can apply it on the spot in all Bupa service providers across Australia or through a post by filling out the claim form. You also can claim from an online platform or using the myBupa application.

Benefits of using Bupa:

  • Numerous positive health programs.
  • It includes agreements with many private hospitals in Australia.
  • There is no medical gap or gap scheme on its services.
  • Wide-ranging subsidiary services network.
  • Bupa comes with fewer complaints than other health insurance companies Australia.
  • It promotes flexibility by allowing members to select the extras they will use.
  • Its Basic Plus policy belongs to the cheapest because it covers many medical treatments like lung and chest, miscarriage and pregnancy termination, or joint reconstruction.

3. HCF


HCF is one of the biggest health insurance companies and the top-tier non-profit health fund in the country. It provides a variety of comprehensive hospital policies but they remain at competitive prices. Several extra policies are good value for specific medical treatments.

HCF offers three good value policies, namely basic extras, mid extras, and silver hospital. The basic extras cost $12.70 a month while mid extras cost $32.00 a month. The silver hospital cost the highest than the other two at $116.15 a month because it covers degenerative diseases like cancer.

HCF is similar to most health insurance companies Australia that provide coverage for overseas visitors. Thus, UAE citizens who plan to visit, work, or study in Australia can consider HCF as it offers various available options for foreigners. You must have the right level of health insurance for the visa requirements.

Like other health insurance companies Australia, HCF also allows claim-making using several ways. You can claim the spot from the service provider or its branch. If you cannot visit them, you can try other ways like claiming online portal, by post, or using HCF mobile app.

Benefits of using HCF:

  • All hospital products include a heart cover.
  • Hospital excess is unavailable for dependent children.
  • There is a 10 % discount for members on travel and pet insurance.
  • Its starter extras are the cheapest extras policy with $13 per month at minimum.
  • Its hospital policies cover more than standard requirements but are still competitive in price.
  • A free heart health check is available with the extras cover.

Comparing health insurance companies Australia is necessary because it will show you what types of coverage each provides. You can consider the benefits for each company. Doing so enables you to select the best insurance company and most suitable health coverage based on your needs in Australia.

UAE citizens and other foreigners can benefit the health coverage from the best health insurance companies Australia because they have several options for them. Therefore, you can receive health protection from one of those best companies if you meet the requirements.