Disaster Recovery Insurance Coverage: An Essential Part in Disaster Management

Being resilient is essential for businesses. This quality will help them survive amidst the ever-changing and uncertain business conditions. However, being resilient is not easy. Companies must have an excellent business recovery plan and suitable disaster recovery insurance coverage.

Disaster recovery insurance coverage is one of the essential parts of a company’s disaster management because this insurance gives business players many advantages during a hard time. Therefore, they must ensure their businesses have sufficient disaster recovery insurance.

A Glance of Disaster Recovery Plan


All businesses must be ready to face the unexpected. They must be able to adapt to new conditions and grow despite the difficult situation that presents. It is what people call resilient.

Companies must have a disaster recovery plan if they want to be resilient. It is a document containing steps and procedures to assist businesses in recovery after a man-made or natural disaster and to protect companies from severe financial loss caused by these disasters.

The tips for developing and maintaining a disaster recovery plan are as follows.

1. Develop an Emergency Response Checklist

The emergency response checklist contains detailed information on the persons in the company who must be notified when a disaster occurs and who should perform particular measures to minimize the effects of the disaster.

The company management must give a copy of this checklist to the employees. It is also essential to remind them about these details regularly.

2. Periodically Backup Data

Data is crucial in running a business. Therefore, all companies must have a disaster recovery plan in case of a virus or other disaster wipes out the data from the company’s data storage.

The best thing to do to protect the company data is to periodically back up the data offline and online.

3. Arrange Working Off-Site

Fire, earthquake, and flood can ruin the company offices. Therefore, all companies must have an emergency office or arrange a remote working solution. As a result, they can operate immediately after the disaster.

4. Keep Clients Informed

Companies must not hesitate in keeping their clients informed about the disaster. Excellent communication can make the clients more understanding.

Moreover, the company management must not forget to inform additional phone numbers and the address of the emergency office. Therefore, clients know who to contact the company during the crisis.

5. Review Disaster Recovery Insurance Coverage

It is essential for companies, big and small, to have sufficient disaster recovery insurance coverage. Therefore, they must review this insurance coverage to find out whether the insurance coverage provides them with the protection they need.

Companies must get supplementary insurance coverage if they think their insurance disaster recovery plan is not sufficient. Insurance companies in the UK commonly offer add-on benefits so clients can have comprehensive disaster recovery insurance coverage.

The Definition of Disaster Recovery Insurance


Disaster recovery insurance coverage is assistance designed to help businesses recover from a disaster so they can function again as soon as possible. This assistance is not only in the form of financial assistance.

However, the insurer will also provide the insured party with a loss adjuster. He will help the businesses get through this difficult time so they can do many things, such as setting up the new office, getting new equipment, and recovering data, smoothly and quickly.

This insurance will give a piece of mind to business players when their businesses suffer from the effects of cyber-attack or natural disasters.

· What Disaster Recovery Insurance Coverage is Available for?

Disaster recovery insurance is available for a wide range of coverage. For example, it is available for material damage, business interruption losses, commercial property damage, and buildings and content claims.

It is also available for something beyond physical damage, such as data loss. However, businesses may need to separately purchase flood insurance coverage if their office is in the flood zone.

· How Much is the Claim of Disaster Recovery Insurance Coverage?

In the UK, disaster or loss recovery insurance is applicable when the claim is over $5,625.

· Disaster Recovery Insurance Coverage Benefits

The benefits included in disaster recovery insurance coverage vary from one insurance company to the other. Below are the benefits examples from a particular commercial insurance provider in the UK.

  • Fast response time during the time of crisis
  • Accommodation in the form of office location close to the previous office. The accommodation comes with furniture, reception facilities, and meeting rooms.
  • Redirection of telephone line
  • PC
  • Reinstatement of business data

· Disaster Recovery Insurance Coverage Features

In addition, disaster recovery insurance companies also provide the insured party with all the facilities they need during the time of crisis.

  • IT technician and professional loss adjuster
  • 24/7 customer service
  • No upper limit
  • Guide and assistance in disaster recovery plan development

Why It is Essential to Have Disaster Recovery Insurance Coverage


All businesses must have disaster recovery insurance because it gives them some advantages.

1. It Helps Businesses Recover More Quickly

The IT technician and professional loss adjuster will help businesses to recover from the disaster quickly. The loss adjuster will also help them calculate the claims. Therefore, they will get adequate and accurate reimbursement.

2. It Allows Businesses to Operate Whilst at the Same Time Dealing with the Disaster

Companies generally cannot perform their operation for a long period while they are dealing with the disaster effects. However, those who have disaster recovery insurance will get assistance from the insurance company to deal with the disaster.

As a result, they will have some energy left to perform the day-to-day business operation. The disaster recovery insurance company makes it its priority to help the insured business to get up and running again as soon as possible.

3. It Offers Reimbursement for Income Loss

Due to disasters, businesses will suffer from income loss. However, disaster recovery insurance offers business interruption coverage. Therefore, those who have this coverage will get a reimbursement for the income loss.

4. It Helps Businesses to Maintain Company-Client Relationship

Disasters can negatively affect the company-client relationship. However, disaster recovery insurance will help businesses manage this relationship. Therefore, they can maintain the company-client relationship even during a crisis.

Disaster recovery insurance coverage is an essential part of the disaster recovery plan every business must have. Having this insurance will allow companies to recover quickly from any disaster that hit them.

This insurance is available for property damage, business interruption loss, building and content losses, and other losses. However, some insurance companies do not offer flood coverage in this insurance plan. Therefore, businesses must purchase it separately if their location is in a flood zone.