3 Top Companies Offering Cheapest Health Insurance in UAE

Living costs and all expenses are very high in UAE. Even the medical bills and healthcare in this country are so expensive. Hence, it is no wonder that some people, especially foreigners likely find the cheapest health insurance in UAE so their health remains covered without breaking their savings.

Health insurance is highly essential for each individual. It offers protection to your health condition when you face uncertainties or time in need. Most people who move into UAE likely obtain health insurance from their employer. Yet, in many cases, the coverage is not enough to pay the medical expenses.

Now, around 70 percent of UAE citizens have health insurance. It is difficult to find the cheapest health insurance in UAE because insurance companies with good plan features and coverage usually cost higher. However, it is still possible to save a bit of money on the premium without sacrificing the coverage.

Affordable Health Insurance Dubai

Before choosing cheap health insurance in Dubai, you must redefine the mean of cheap. Does it means to receive the best overall value at the lowest price. It is essential to consider the primary reason for buying the insurance aligns with the ability of insurance company in purchasing the claims.

You cannot expect that paying the lowest insurance cost will allow you to get the similar health services with high cost insurance. Most likely, you will get health coverage and services in line with what you pay for. However, here several providers with cheapest health insurance in UAE compared to other providers.

1. Noor Takaful Health Insurance


Noor Takaful takes the top positions in the Middle East. It shows significant progress in the UAE market since its incorporation. It has promoted the best health protection quality with modern, flexible, latest channels, and the cheapest health insurance in UAE.

It emphasizes the services based on the Noor Takaful values which are innovation, integrity, determination, responsibility, and customer-centric. This health insurance provides comprehensive healthcare that tailors the customer’s needs. You can discover basic to enhanced insurance plans to meet each individual.

Compared to other companies providing similar health coverage, Noor Takaful is the cheapest health insurance in UAE. You can pay the insurance rate starting from $167.50 for a dependant basic plan either for male and female members aged 18 to 64 years old or less than 18 years old.

Benefits of using Noor Takaful:

  • It provides an opportunity for taking second medical opinion from authorized professionals if customers are still unsure about the diagnosis.
  • It offers many health insurance plans supported by a wide network of hospitals with over 1,600 care centers.
  • It offers competitive prices for females, especially those who are the age of childbearing. That is why it belongs to the cheapest health insurance in UAE when compared to the coverage provided.
  • It provides an option to receive health treatment in the home country.
  • An insurance policy that covers accidental death is available.
  • Noor Takaful has received accreditation to be Dubai Health Authority.

2. Salama Health Insurance


Salama is one of the pioneers in the Dubai insurance industry because it has served the industry since 1979, the year of Salama’s establishment. It is also famous as the oldest and largest insurance provider providing sharia-compliant services and products in the world. Its paid-up capital reaches $329.5 million.

Salama is also famous as the cheapest health insurance in UAE because it provides health insurance plans to cover large and small groups. It offers specialized care and unique healthcare plans to meet the need of the specific group. Its healthcare plans have additional benefits to create most of its health insurance policy.

Salama offers extensive services with great quality for large groups and operational excellence to the policyholders. This company also covers small-sized employers to help them provide healthcare benefits to their employees. Hence, these groups can benefit cheapest health insurance in UAE from Salama.

Benefits of using Salama:

  • It covers critical illnesses to help its members reduce the burden of emergencies after the diagnosis.
  • It allows access to numerous healthcare providers worldwide to get emergency medical procedures.
  • It promotes fast, convenient, and easy medi-claim settlement services.
  • It offers flexible and cheapest health insurance in UAE for corporate groups with good healthcare benefits to protect policyholders during emergencies.

3. Orient Health Insurance


Orient Health Insurance achieved its highest net profits among its local counterparts across UAE consecutively for 2 years in 2010 and 2011. This company has served the insurance industry since 1982 and become one of the leaders in the market that provides the cheapest health insurance in UAE.

Orient Health Insurance works with the biggest qualified time in all the regions. It provides numerous health insurance plans to protect individuals from around 37 critical illnesses. Its insurance plans in Dubai provide global coverage with flexible options for premium payment.

It offers various insurance plans for individuals, women, and families. You can apply the insurance quote from Orient Health Insurance starts from $238 each year. Looking at the price and healthcare coverage offered, Orient Health Insurance still becomes the cheapest health insurance in UAE.

This insurance company also focuses on providing women care to cover them for serious illnesses. Its female cancer plan care cover women from 7 types of critical illnesses often attack them. Women can benefit from this insurance plan easily as it requires minimal documentation.

Benefits of using Orient Health Insurance:

  • It provides medical coverage for many types of critical illnesses.
  • It has special healthcare coverage for women to cover specific women’s illnesses.
  • It offers individual and family medical insurance plans.
  • It offers flexible premium payment with the cheapest health insurance in UAE.

Selecting the cheapest health insurance in UAE must not only depend on the price. You need to consider other factors offered by insurance companies. You must remember that money buys quality. Therefore, you likely get the quality of healthcare services similar to the price you buy.

It is necessary to consider the health coverage included in the insurance plans if you want to go with the cheapest health insurance in UAE. However, relying upon reputable insurance companies in UAE can be a good option because they have experienced serving different groups for years with affordable costs.