Get Affordable Car Insurance Quotes South Africa and Start the Protection

It is not compulsory for South African car owners to have car insurance. However, having this insurance is a better option than not having it because it offers many benefits. Therefore, car owners who don’t have this insurance must start looking for car insurance quotes South Africa.

Getting car insurance quotes South Africa is an essential step in purchasing affordable but adequate car protection. The quotes allow car owners to compare car insurance rates. As a result, they can make the best decision in purchasing this insurance.

How to Get Car Insurance Quotes South Africa


Car owners can get car insurance quotes South Africa in several ways.

1. Visit Car Insurance Agencies

One of the ways to get car insurance quotes is by visiting insurance agencies. This method is not practical because they need to visit several agencies to compare the rates. However, it allows car owners to have more comprehensive info on car insurance policies.

2. Call Several Insurance Companies

Car owners who don’t have much time to visit several insurance agencies can call them to get car insurance quotes South Africa. This method is more practical than the first method. However, you can only do it during working hours.

3. Visit Car Insurance Company Websites

One of the most practical ways to get car insurance quotes is by visiting car insurance websites. From the websites, car owners can get quotes any time of the day.

In addition, this online method is more economical and time-saving than calling insurance companies one by one.

4. Get Car Insurance Quotes South Africa from an Online Insurance Quote Platform

The most practical way to get car insurance quotes South Africa is by visiting an online insurance quote platform. This platform allows car owners to get car insurance quotes from several insurance companies on one page.

Therefore, car owners can compare the quotes easily. Moreover, they don’t need to spend too much time getting several quotes.

Recommended Online Platforms to Compare Car Insurance Quotes South Africa

Some South African car owners do not trust online platforms when they look for car insurance quotes. They are afraid that these platforms do not give accurate or up-to-date results. However, several insurance quote platforms are trustworthy. They can deliver accurate quotes for car owners.

Below are several recommended car insurance comparison websites.

1. Compare Guru


This website is one of the best online insurance comparison platforms in South Africa. Compare Guru enables South Africans to get quotes for various insurance types, such as car and household insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, and commercial insurance.

South African car owners can compare online car insurance quotes South Africa from many insurance companies via the Compare Guru. This platform works with many insurance companies in providing car insurance quotes South Africa.

Some examples of those car insurance companies are Auto General, King Price Insurance, and Dial Direct.

2. Hippo


Another excellent car insurance comparison platform is Hippo. This platform has helped South Africans compare insurance quotes since 2007. With these years of experience, there is no doubt that this platform is capable of delivering accurate quotes.

Hippo provides car insurance quotes South Africa from 10 insurance companies, such as King Price Insurance, Dial Direct, Auto General, 1st For Women, and IWYZE. Therefore, South Africans can find the most affordable car insurance easily.

3. Budget Insurance


Budget Insurance is one of the trusted insurance companies. On its website, this company does not only offer car insurance products but also car insurance quote comparisons.

Here, car owners can compare car insurance quotes South Africa and choose the most affordable car insurance. Those who look for affordable car insurance rates will get many choices of low car insurance quotes on this platform.

Top Car Insurance Providers in South Africa

South African car owners will not get many difficulties in getting cheap car insurance quotes in South Africa because they can check them on online insurance quote comparison platforms. However, purchasing cheap car insurance is not always the best option.

Car owners must also consider car insurance providers or companies. The best car insurance companies will give car owners more advantages, such as easy online insurance claims, numerous partner workshops, and customized car insurance coverage.

To get those advantages, South Africans can consider getting car insurance from these top insurance companies.

1. King Price


King Price is a trusted and dedicated insurance company. It offers various insurance types, including car insurance.

King Price car insurance is popular among car owners because it offers many advantages. They are emergency assist, quick and easy claim, decreasing premium, and the King’s Cab. To get King Price car insurance quotes South Africa, car owners can visit various websites.

2. Discovery


This car insurance company offers all car insurance types for South Africans. It also offers various value-added plans to meet the insured’s needs.  Discovery gives several benefits to the insured parties.

Some of these benefits are immediate help in an emergency and a special program to lower premiums. Car owners can find Discovery car insurance quotes South Africa only on its website because comparison websites do not work with this company.

3. Momentum


Momentum is an excellent car insurance company. It provides 24-hour roadside assistance, cashback, and easy claim.

Momentum even allows car owners to have car insurance premiums based on their needs. Car owners can contact Momentum to get car insurance quotes South Africa.

Other Things to Consider in Purchasing a Car Insurance Policy


Aside from considering the insurance rates and car insurance companies, car owners must consider other things when purchasing car insurance.

  • Types of Car Insurance: South African car insurance companies generally offer three types of car insurance. Car owners must choose one that is suitable to their needs.
  • Hidden Costs: Some car insurance companies offer low insurance rates but charge hidden costs to the insured parties. Car owners must avoid these costs if they don’t want to spend too much money on car insurance.

Estimated Car Insurance Rates in South Africa


The monthly insurance cost in South Africa depends on various things, such as the car’s brand and age and the driver’s age and gender. Some car owners spend as low as $21 per month on car insurance.

Comparing car insurance quotes South Africa before purchasing car insurance is beneficial for South African car owners. From this comparison, they can find affordable quotes. As a result, they can minimize their car insurance monthly spending.

However, they must not forget to consider car insurance companies, types, and hidden costs. Therefore, they can get suitable car insurance from the best company at affordable rates.