5 Best and Cost-Saving Auto Insurance Quotes Phoenix AZ

Getting car insurance in Phoenix is challenging because this state has many companies which offer the best deals. Some auto insurance quotes Phoenix AZ give discounts in the quotes and the rates are very competitive as well with the best customer service promise.

The insurance companies in Arizona offer more than comprehensive and collision coverage. The products are tailored for personal, ride-sharing, age, status, etc. It’s helpful to get a lower premium. But which one is the best for you? Check the list below.

The Top Auto Insurance Quotes Phoenix AZ

1. Geico


Riding a car in Arizona is no longer worrying because Geico offers the cheapest product of car insurance. They have different coverages, and usually, a lot of students in Arizona pay the premium from this company. The annual fee of Geico is only $900.

The coverages from Geico are liability, vehicles, property, accidents, and medical expenses that relate to car accidents. They also have products to get a lower premium if you pick one with a higher deductible. The older your car, the lower your premium. This reason is why Geico is one of the best auto insurance quotes Phoenix AZ.

Geico also claims that their company gets the best rating from its customers with 97% satisfaction. They have a call center 24 hours a day to help their clients. The policy can be read on their app. If you are a good driver with a clean data record, you will get a discount for the next payment.



USAA is one of the best auto insurance quotes Phoenix AZ because the service is top-notch. They have award-winning service, and the clients could get a large discount. They claim that the members of USAA insurance can save a lot more than $725 compared to other insurance services.

Since it was established, USAA has had competitive rates of auto insurance quotes Phoenix AZ. They have a mobile app for the member, so the member can get updates and easily claim the insurance. The discounts are interesting too, not only for the premiums but also for benefits such as wellness, shopping, and entertainment.

There are some discounts you can get even though the quotes you have to pay are up to $1300 every year. Their policy has a 10% bundle if you register other insurance in the same company. If you don’t drive much per year, they will cut the cost as well. There are family and good student discounts too.

The advantage you can get from USAA is customized policies. You can tailor it according to your need for auto insurance. The coverages are comprehensive, collision, uninsured, and underinsured, and the last one is a liability. Tailored service is the reason why USAA is the best auto insurance quotes Phoenix AZ.

3. Statefarm


Another excellent in the list of auto insurance quotes Phoenix AZ is Statefarm. This company has been around for more than 100 years in the US and has a good reputation. Car insurance is part of their product with good experience and full coverage for the clients.

The insurance gives lower cost for the younger drivers such as students, so they can afford the product. The coverage has wide ranges from a rental car, rideshare insurance, roadside assistance, and travel expenses. With these coverages, Statefarm is very flexible to use.

So far, Statefarm has the strongest rating for auto insurance quotes Phoenix AZ. They also provide some interesting discounts for the members who less drive in a year. Their broker is everywhere to meet the members’ expectations about the service. Their quotes per year are about $1,481.

If you have good credit as a driver, you will get a discount. It applies otherwise where you have to pay higher if you have a bad record such as a DUI case. As the best auto insurance quotes Phoenix AZ, Statefarm’s policies can be tailored according to the driver’s profile and their insurance needs.

4. American Family


American Family is a recommended auto insurance quotes Phoenix AZ because they have great offerings and services to the member. For claiming, American Family is very easy and helpful. Their rating is very good and you only have to pay about $1371 annually as general coverage.

The payment is very affordable in Arizona. They cover national coverage. Drivers with poor credit can register for insurance, even with DUI cases. However, they might have to pay more for this. American Family is very competitive in quotes, yet the customer service is satisfying.

When you are about to claim insurance, the solution is fast and meets the member’s satisfaction. Another advantage of this insurance company is the loyalty discount. If you recommend the insurance to others, you will get some % for the next payment.

If you had a DUI case previously, American Family might be the best option because they offer very competitive rates compared to other auto insurance quotes Phoenix AZ. For students and families, they have additional discounts as well.

5. Progressive


Another best auto insurance quotes Phoenix AZ is Progressive company. This company has various products and discounts for the members to make them satisfied. Progressive is a large insurance company that will give you per-injury coverage and it’s not in the offerings in other companies.

If your car is a ride-sharing one, Progressive will give you certain products to protect the car. The quote annually of Progressive is only about $1900 and it’s very affordable for a wide coverage auto insurance. They also provide combined insurance from liability, comprehensive, and collision.

The most interesting beneficial coverage from this company is gap insurance. Progressive will cover up to 25% of the lease balance. If you want to add some accessories, they will cover up to $5000. Their premium is deductible if past six months you claim nothing. The deductible is $50.

Before choosing auto insurance for your car, you must understand the policies they offer. The companies always offer different products with many coverages. Pick the product that suits your needs.

Those auto insurance quotes Phoenix AZ are the best list in Arizona that you can consider. The rates in their quote are very competitive. The factors such as coverage and limit should be the priority to protect your car.